After two years of community service, Live Life Always (LLA) has decided to stop conducting its weekly volunteer service.

The non-profit organization’s co-founder, Sean Williams, recently announced on social media that the organization would stop its weekly clean-up campaigns in and around Fourways.

The organization that champions a clean, safe and litter-free environment was started in 2020 by Sean Williams with his longtime friend Lovemore Robson amid the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak.

Sean Williams, Lovemore Robson and former Ward 93 Councilor Candice James. Photo: Nduduzo Nxumalo

Williams thanked residents and local businesses for their support and urged South Africans to take care of their neighborhoods and promote a safe and clean environment at all times.

He said the last cleanup under the initiative took place on January 19. and 120 bins built. I thank everyone who believed in it – not just me, but the beautiful people who worked with me and supported us with all their hearts,” he said.

Sean Williams removes trash from the Juksei River during a clean-up campaign. Photo: Nduduzo Nxumalo

Robson, co-founder of Live Life Always, said a lack of donations has made it difficult for the organization to continue its cleanup operations. “Due to lack of financial support, we have decided to stop doing weekly cleaning campaigns. We will only run special cleaning campaigns once or twice a month,” Robson said.

Williams said he would continue his journey to save the planet by moving to Zanzibar. “I urge all of you to truly consider the dire situation facing this planet and, every day, give back to our beautiful home,” he said.