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Broadbent, a full-service environmental, water resources, and civil engineering company, is pleased to announce its support and charitable contribution to the Nevada Science Center and the McCaw School of Mines. Both nonprofits are located in the Silver State and aim to educate young Nevadans through impactful and hands-on learning experiences.

“Broadbent is proud to support the McCaw School of Mines and Nevada Science Center’s mission to educate children in our community,” said Kirk Stowers, Principal Geologist at Broadbent. “As one of Nevada’s leading environmental consultants, we understand the importance of educating our youth about the development of Nevada’s history, the importance of mineral resources, scientific discoveries, and the need for future innovation.We are excited to see the work both nonprofits have done to educate the community and are happy to contribute to their efforts.

Based in Henderson, Nevada, the Nevada Science Center is a nonprofit institution that provides science education through hands-on and virtual learning experiences. The center is made up of a team of researchers and educators and is focused on creating a community with access to top quality educational programs for all Nevadans. For more information about Nevada Science Center’s mission and values, visit

The McCaw School of Mines has been part of the Las Vegas and Henderson community since its construction in 1996 and aims to educate young Nevadans about the importance of mineral resources. The nonprofit organization provides interactive tours and exhibits for students and welcomes approximately 5,000 Clark County students each year. The interactive student-run exhibit features scale model replicas of mining equipment and vehicles and has been enjoyed by more than 50,000 students from Nevada, Utah and California since 1997. For more information about the McCaw School of Mines, visit