As 2021 drew to a close, along Yogcast Jingle Jam Charity Event has returned for its final installment, this time in the form of a truly spectacular 56-game pack – and organizers have now confirmed the effort raised a total of £ 3.3million for good causes .

The 2021 bundle was quite impressive from a content standpoint, bringing together the likes of Eurogamer’s Widermyth, Heaven’s Vault language adventure, Viking Northguard strategy, top-down action-adventure Hyper Light Drifter, plus Surviving. March, Murder by Numbers, 20XX and a load more. However, it was absolutely unmissable from a value standpoint, amounting to around £ 650 worth of games for anyone who has donated £ 35 or more.

Unsurprisingly, many people accepted Jingle Jam’s offer, bolstering their Steam libraries with plenty of video game goodies and contributing to a range of good causes in the process, with donors able to choose from a shortlist of 14. charities which included the likes of Special Effects, War Child and Cancer Research UK.

Wildermyth – Launch Trailer.

An additional $ 690,000 (around £ 509,000) was raised by 50 streamers, bringing the total for Jingle Jam in 2021 to £ 3,342,063.00 / $ 4,435,933 USD – the most the event raised in one year since 2017 – and this money will now be distributed among the 14 charitable projects: Access Sport, Autistica, Call of Duty Endowment, Cancer Research UK, End Violence and Racism Against ESEA, Global’s Make Some Noise, ILGA World, Lifelites, Mental Health Foundation, Special Effect, The Grand Appeal, The Open Bionics Foundation, War Child, and Whale and Dolphin Conservation.

Last year marked Jingle Jam’s tenth anniversary, and his latest charity brings his total charitable giving to $ 24,945,581 (over £ 18.3million).

“After a difficult year for many, it was really nice to end it on a high emotional level,” said Lewis Brindley, co-founder of The Yogscast, in a statement accompanying today’s news. “I would like to warmly thank everyone who gave their time, passion, expertise and games to make this such a great success. We look forward to seeing how these charitable projects evolve in 2022 and benefit those who are in need of it. “