Sammy Smith and Katy Davies.

In November, Katy Davies of Lancaster saw her world turned upside down when she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Before starting chemotherapy treatment, Katy decided to do something positive and shave her head to raise money for CancerCare, as she is currently undergoing therapy at the charity’s Slynedales Center.

Katy, who first discovered the lump in her breast while leading a cancer awareness campaign through her ecojiko business, said she decided to have her sponsored head shave as a way to say ” thank you “for the help she received and for making sure people in similar situations would have access to the same support.

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Isabelle Livsey after her haircut.

“CancerCare is an amazing local charity that helps thousands of people cope with the devastating effects of a cancer diagnosis every year,” she said.

“They offer a range of therapies to support patients and their families throughout their journey. The charity has been hit during times of covid and it would mean to me the world to fundraise as much as possible to promote their work though. necessary.”

Katy was joined under the hair clipper by her friend Sammy Smith who volunteered to lose her locks in order to show support for Katy and her family.

Their campaign has already raised over £ 1,400 – exceeding her original goal of £ 500 – and her daughter’s best friend Isabelle Livsey has also contributed with her own Belle Gets a Bob challenge which has raised over £ 650.

Sammy Smith and Katy Davies.

Isabelle said: “I always wanted to do something for a charity, but I never thought that cutting my hair would be something I would do and I didn’t know which organization I would do it for. My grandmother passed away from cancer a few years ago and as soon as I found out Katy had cancer I knew immediately what I wanted to do.

At first I was a little nervous but the hairdressers at Belle Ame really supported me. I am very grateful for all the money that has been given. I didn’t expect to raise the amount of money I have – everyone has been amazing.

If you would like to contribute to Isabelle’s fundraising page, visit here.

Isabelle Livsey contributed with her own Belle Gets a Bob challenge which raised over £ 650.
Isabelle Livsey has her hair cut.
Isabelle Livsey with part of her hair cut.