Kyrie Irving hilariously offered a lifetime VIP pass to an adult website about the vaccine


Brooklyn Nets star Kyrie Irving made headlines in the NBA all week after it was revealed he has not yet received the COVID-19 vaccine. If he ultimately chooses to do so, it would mean Irving would miss all of Brooklyn’s home games because of the New York City mandates.

Now hear how strange this is. Stripchat adult cam site sent Kyrie Irving a letter begging him to get the vaccine. In return? Well, a lifetime VIP pass to the website. Absolutely hilarious:

Spy on anonymous broadcasts. Definitely sounds like something an NBA superstar would love to do. Seriously, however, Irving takes a real risk of hurting the Nets’ title hopes if he doesn’t get the jab. It was also announced on Wednesday that players who are not vaccinated will not receive any compensation for missed home games, which would lead to millions in losses. This list mainly includes Kyrie Irving and Andrew Wiggins.

Kyrie is unlikely to react or consider Stripchat’s offer at all, but you have to admit it is priceless. A private show with a model ?! How could he have done without it? Well it’s on the internet so not exactly a big deal.

Let’s hope Irving makes a decision about the COVID-19 situation very soon, in the interests of his entire team.

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