Knickers, sick and smooching: Crazy Friday in Great Britain will be MESSY


Last night, hordes of revelers visited the bars and clubs of Manchester city center on the biggest, juiciest night of the year.

There were shocking scenes as the evening came to an end and wasted clubbers took to the streets.

Photos taken in the early hours of the morning show battered women lying on the filthy sidewalk, their pants flashing, not caring about the world.

LOADED: Drunk night owls flashed their underwear and scrapped it with police officers in Manchester

SMASHED: Women passed out on the street after a mental Friday celebrated

BUSY: Cops had a busy night with drunk and angry night owls

SPEWING: Disgusting clubbers were throwing up all over the street

And it looks like a few partiers have had a few too many tequilas, with vomit all over the street.

Cops and paramedics were also busy when the fighting started downtown.

There was the usual crowd of good-natured drinkers who were delighted to be eating a kebab when they stumbled home.

Crowds: bouncers and cops looked like they had a busy night on their hands

SAY WHAT: A boy looked really confused that Copper had caught him

BODEN: Night owls were lying in the streets as the night came to an end

TOO MUCH: Some clubbers looked a little overwhelmed with everything through the night

HELP: Emergency services helped loaded night owls to lie on the dirty floor

YUMMY: One poor girl seemed to drop her entire kebab on the floor

Mad Friday – also known as Black Eye Friday – is the last Friday before Christmas and is considered the most spiritual night of the year.

It’s also reportedly the busiest night of the year for emergency medical services, with thousands of people flocking to A&E after alcohol-related incidents.

Just a week ago, the British had gone wild on the most popular night for workgroups in the country’s city centers.


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