The last time the Kendall Federation of Homeowner Associations met with its members and residents was in March 2020. Ladra remembers it well, as she was the guest speaker. It was so much fun.

COVID-19 was already happening, but no one knew it would be the last meeting for over two years, as the pandemic shut down society and changed us forever.

Fast forward to Wednesday: Four races will be featured at a candidate forum that ranges from congressional hopefuls to county commission and school board contenders.

“After two and a half years without live town hall meetings, the Kendall Federation is thrilled to finally be back with a in person forum featuring school board candidates, two board seats and our state representative in Congress, all representing the citizens of Kendall and West Kendall,” KFHA President Mike Rosenberg told Ladra .

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“Our lives are greatly impacted by our elected officials and the Kendall Federation forums have always been a way for you to meet and greet these candidates in person so you can make a wise decision when you vote,” he said. he declares. “And… vote for you to have to!

Participants are encouraged to ask questions during the forum, which begins at 6 p.m. as follows:

  • 6 p.m. – 6:40 p.m. — Holder Marta Perez and Monica Colucci for Miami-Dade School Board, District 4 (Kendall Area)
  • 6:45 p.m. – 7:25 p.m. — Holder Danielle Cohen Higgins and Karen Baez-Wallis for Miami-Dade County Commissioner, District 8
  • 7:30 p.m. – 8:10 p.m. — Marthe Bueno and Susan Khoury for Miami-Dade County Commissioner, District 10
  • 8:15 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. — Sen. Annette Taddeo and Miami Commissioner Ken Russell for US Congress, District 27

Yes, someone is missing. State Representative Anthony Rodriguez, who is running for county commissioner, has yet to attend a single forum. Rodriguez did not text Ladra back. His mailbox is full (a tactic many politicians use to avoid having to call you back).

But the president of the KFHA mike rosenbergwho also ran for the commission in 2020, says the organization contacted Rodriguez on several occasions.

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“We have tried many times to involve Mr. Rodriguez but, so far, he is unwilling to attend. Of course he wants your vote, but he will not attend our forum to ask what vote,” Rosenberg wrote in an email to KFHA subscribers, citing that the Miami Herald refused to endorse it after Rodriguez skipped their editorial board’s selection, “and who can blame them.

The Herald editorial noted that Rodriguez’s absence from all candidate events stands in stark contrast to his stated desire to be a public servant.

“The Kendall Federation agrees with this assessment. If you don’t have time for us, well, you can fill in the blanks,” Rosenberg wrote.

It also lacks Alicia Arellano of the District 8 race and Julio Sanchez of the District 10 race, but that’s probably because neither of them are lucky.

And Ladra will bet anyone but the lieutenant governor. Jeanette Nunez will be there. Who else will speak when it’s Colucci’s turn?

Each contest gives candidates 40 minutes to tell the engaged voting audience why they are the ones to choose on the ballot.

The evening begins at 6 p.m. with a school board run and will take place at the Kendall Village Civic Pavilion, 8625 SW 124 Ave., across from the movie theater.