Keeping the peace must be a national duty – NCCE


Political parties and other interest groups have been urged to regard the maintenance of peace, law and order as a national duty that they must comply with at all times, regardless of which party is in power.

Abu Alhassan Nassam, City Director of East Mamprusi’s National Civic Education Commission (NCCE), who made the appeal, said maintaining peace, law and order would ensure community development while promoting good neighborliness.

He therefore called on citizens to avoid acts of violence and to choose the path of peaceful coexistence in order to promote national cohesion.

He lectured at a meeting of the Inter-Party Dialogue Committee organized in Gambaga by the East Mamprusi Community Office of the National Civic Education Commission (NCCE).

The meeting was intended to provide a platform for dialogue between political parties and other stakeholders in the community on effective ways to identify early warning signals of violent extremism, community surveillance and actions to combat radicalization among youth.

Participants included representatives from political parties, civil society organizations, traditional authorities, security services, election commissions, religious organizations, people with disabilities, youth associations and women’s groups.

The meeting was part of the European Union-funded project Preventing Electoral Violence and Providing Security in Ghana’s Northern Border Regions to combat violent extremism in the country.

Mr. Musah Issah Iddrisu, Municipal Director of the National Investigation Bureau of East Mamprusi, spoke about preventing violent extremism in the country.

He called for education and empowerment of youth, respect for human rights and the rule of law, gender equality and empowerment of women, community monitoring and awareness raising in worship centers to prevent violent extremism in the country, among other things.

Mr. Bugri Abudu, Patron of Civic Education in the East Mamprusi Community, focused on the steps necessary to prevent violence in the communities and urged everyone to take steps to report suspects to the appropriate security services.

Mr. Yidana Abdul-Razak Adams, local director of East Mamprusi Electoral Commission, said that the country’s electoral system leaves no room for fraud in elections and advised political parties to be vigilant in polling stations to avoid suspicion.

Mr. Issah Kara, a deputy director of the East Mamprusi community assembly, appealed to politicians to stand up for these issues and refrain from personal attacks in order to prevent violence during the elections.

In a communique after the meeting, participants decided to serve as watch dogs in their communities to oversee criminal activity and ensure peace.

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