NUR-SULTAN – Kazakhstan Institute for Strategic Studies (KazISS) has convened the first meeting of the new KazISS GPS Gylym. Picker. sayasat. (“science”, “opinion”, “politics” from Kazakh) platform of experts on April 5 to discuss the political reforms initiated by President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev.

Director of KazISS Yerkin Tukumov. Photo credit: Kazakhstan Institute for Strategic Studies (KazISS).

Leaders of political parties, community of experts and public figures took part in the meeting by engaging in in-depth discussion and analysis of the proposal reforms.

“Today we are opening an expert platform where we will discuss Kazakhstan’s development and provide ideas to the leadership of the President’s Executive Office with recommendations and conclusions,” KazISS Director Yerkin Tukumov said. , in his welcome speech.

He also noted that KazISS representatives will visit the regions of the country and hold expert meetings to see the problems on the ground.

Speakers at the event agreed that President Tokayev’s recent State of the Nation Address marks the beginning of great changes towards New Kazakhstan, creates conditions for political development and increases civic engagement in public administration .

Amanat party secretary Daulet Karibek said a new stage in the development of the state has come and it will take time. “The transition from a super-presidential republic to a presidential republic with a strong parliament cannot happen here and now. In addition to state bodies and parliament, public associations should be involved in the work,” Karibek said.

“The members of the Senate recently visited the regions and met the people. It is necessary to hold conversations with the public, to talk to every citizen of Kazakhstan, to analyze and understand these reforms,” said Deputy Speaker of the Senate of the Kazakh Parliament Lyazzat Suleimen. She also indicated that she supported all initiatives aimed at strengthening Parliament’s positions.

First meeting of the expert platform “KazISS GPS: Gymym. Picker. Sayasat”. Photo credit: Kazakhstan Institute for Strategic Studies (KazISS).

Political party leaders focused on legal and financial issues.

Chairman of the People’s Party of Kazakhstan, Yermukhamet Yertysbayev, stressed the importance of establishing a Constitutional Court and noted that the new status of parliament required changes in legislation.

“The agenda of New Kazakhstan, in my opinion, requires the adoption of a new constitutional law in parliament,” Yertysbayev said.

Aq Jol Democratic Party Chairman Azat Peruashev has raised issues of parliamentary empowerment over budget allocation.

“The most important thing is to strengthen the institution of parliamentarism so that they have the right to dispose of state revenues,” he said.

Director of the Amanat Party’s Public Policy Institute, Madina Nurgaliyeva, noted that the political party must have a certain “maturity” when registering and called for abandoning populism.

During the discussion, participants also exchanged views on the development of institutional trade unions, the settlement of labor disputes, as well as the interaction with independent trade unions.