A sea kayaker is currently traveling the entire Cork coastline to raise money for a great local cause.

The 200-300km solo expedition is being undertaken by Jon Hynes in aid of Cancer Support Service, Cork ARC House

Jon, who works with the Kinsale Outdoor Education Center and is a member of the Kinsale RNLI, has a personal connection to the charity. He said it was “key support” for his wife Alayne when she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2019.

Alayne is healthy and well now after undergoing chemotherapy and other treatments and Jon has decided to kayak from the Cork/Kerry border to the Cork/Waterford border, by sea, to give back to the place that helped Alayne’s recovery,

The long expedition began on Wednesday and, speaking to The Echo from Sherkin Island, Jon estimated it would take seven days to reach his destination in Youghal.

The view from Jon’s kayak at Crow Head.

“The first leg was around the Mizen Peninsula, it was a long stretch of open water, so I wanted it to be done during the weather window we are currently experiencing. I covered 57km in eight and a half hours .

Jon also kayaks on Tuesdays and Thursdays with a women’s group called “Ladies who Launch”. The group is made up of women recovering from breast cancer who will hopefully complete the final leg of the journey to Youghal alongside Jon.

“When I’m at sea, kayaking, I think of people going through treatment, going through chemo and radiation, and remembering that kayaking is nothing compared to what they’re going through. It’s a great motivation. »

Jon Hynes is currently kayaking the Cork coast to raise money for charity.
Jon Hynes is currently kayaking the Cork coast to raise money for charity.

The 49-year-old, who has been kayaking for 39 years, said he knew some people had reservations about his trip, but stressed that “it’s not his first rodeo”.

“In 2015 I kayaked all over Ireland and love Cork dearly, especially the coastline, it’s a party trip.”

The Limerick native, who lives with his wife and their two teenage daughters in Garretstown, said his wife is a constant inspiration to him.

“I am constantly amazed by Alayne. The challenge of chemotherapy, what she went through, it’s just amazing.

Jon said the main motivation for his kayaking trip was to raise awareness and funds for the charity of his choice.

“Alaine is fine.

“Anyone who is diagnosed with cancer has a traumatic experience, but Cork’s HSE units are exceptional and Cork ARC House is a key part of their recovery.”

Jon’s fundraiser is open for donations to gofundme.com.