Is No Nut November Bad For Men’s Health?


Have you had an orgasm this month? It’s a personal question, but almost a week after what has been dubbed “No Nut November” in some circles, it’s well worth asking.

Like its likely namesake No Shave November – as well as other monthly moves like Dry January and Sober October – No Nut November is reportedly another tricky internet challenge aimed at promoting some sort of personal or social improvement. As opposed to these moves, which encourage devotees to explore the physical and mental benefits of being semi-sobre or stop shaving for a month in an effort to raise awareness of men’s health, the No Nut November challenge has 30 days long to avoid ejaculation, dark origins in sex. negative, antiquated and often misogynist ideologies and no real health benefits to speak of. If anything, sexual health experts suggest avoiding sex and masturbation for an entire month could actually be bad for men’s health.

Enter “Yes Nut November,” the anti-no nut November campaign launched this year by the adult cam site Stripchat to encourage men to keep getting out this month and every month thereafter. While a porn site has an obvious incentive to attack a movement asking men to give up their onanistic habits, the Yes Nut No Nuts campaign calls for reinforcement of outdated attitudes that portray sex and masturbation as shameful practices that are of some sort of moral or social nature reflect getting sick while drawing attention to the potential health risks of not ejaculating for 30 days.

“It’s actually pretty dangerous for men to stop ejaculating for a month at a time,” says Max Bennett of Stripchat, citing a Harvard University study that suggested that frequent ejaculation can reduce the risk of developing prostate cancer.

While the idea that it is “dangerous” for men to have no orgasm seems vaguely old-school, silly arguments are meant to be aimed at pressuring women into sexual activity so that they do not lead their partner to the horrors of the ” Blue Bullets “Judge agree that there is a positive association between frequent ejaculation and men’s health.

“For the best prostate health, doctors recommend that men orgasm about 21 times a month,” says clinical psychologist and certified sex therapist Dr. David J. Ley, adding that frequent orgasms can reduce the risk of prostate cancer by up to 33 percent.

Does that mean your eggs will explode if you don’t get off for 30 days? Probably not, but not ejaculating might be doing you a disservice either. “We can’t say that No Nut November will cause prostate cancer, but there’s no evidence that it helps,” says Dr. Ley.

Regardless of what No Nut November does to the prostate or not, abstaining from all forms of sex, including solo sex, for extended periods of time can have negative effects on sexual health and appetite in general. “Our sexuality is like a muscle, and if we don’t exercise it, it actually becomes weakened, but not stronger,” says Dr. Ley across from InsideHook. “Researchers note that abstinence and abstinence from ejaculation in men appear to lower testosterone.”

These results directly contradict one of the founding principles of No Nut November: the idea that by not ejaculating, men can maintain or build their manhood. That notion is an integral part of the NoFap movement, a forerunner to No Nut in November that began on Reddit in 2011. By reinforcing a distorted understanding of male ejaculate as the currency of masculinity, both movements reflect antiquated and ultimately harmful mentalities that tend to overlap with more aggressive, misogynistic, and downright violent communities, including men’s rights activists, incels, and pickup artists.

“If No Nut November was all about encouraging men to be more conscious, mindful and conscious of their sexuality, I would do anything for it,” says Dr. Ley. “Unfortunately, the November No Nut Movement is a recruiting tool for the anti-porn groups and is based on deeply misogynistic, heteronormative and antiquated notions of masculinity and sex.”

Even if you manage to take part in No Nut November without falling into the rabbit hole of men’s rights activism, the movement still reinforces unhealthy ideas about sexuality and masturbation.

“By promoting the idea that self-control, masculinity, morality and masculinity are best demonstrated through abstinence, this movement replicates the ideas of the late 19th century when Kellogg invented corn flakes as an anti-masturbation food,” says Dr. Ley. “People who don’t have sex are no better at self-control than other people, and resisting masturbation doesn’t make you a better person or a stronger man.”

However, there is nothing wrong with taking some time to think about your masturbation regimen, especially if you are concerned about certain aspects or just find them unsatisfactory. “I recommend that men can benefit from withdrawing from their sexuality and thinking about what role they should play in their lives,” says Dr. Ley.

As we discussed earlier, there has never been a better time to practice masturbation than self-care through more mindful masturbation, and getting rid of some of the more worrisome aspects of your solo sex life is a great place to start.

“I ask men, ‘Who is your sexual role model and why? Are you ashamed of your sexuality, the porn you watch, or your fantasies? If so, why? ‘”Says Dr. Ley. “Exploring these things and finding ways to develop sexual integrity are important things that all men really need to do. But not having orgasms for a month is unlikely to help you along the way. “

Nut or not nut may be the question of the month, but whether, when and how often you orgasm is ultimately nobody’s business. That said, don’t let the internet stop you from getting off. This November and every November you can move around freely and go crazy.


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