Throughout the state, many people have a strong desire to help others by giving generously of their time. If you are passionate about wildlife and want to contribute to projects that benefit wildlife, we have an offer for you!

Fish and Game has a strong volunteer program in each of our seven regions where volunteers can contribute to a wide range of projects. All a volunteer should bring to the project is a healthy dose of enthusiasm.

Volunteers can sign up to help with a single project or commit to a long-term volunteer relationship with Fish and Game by becoming a reservist.

For many reservists, volunteering is an opportunity to pass on their love of the outdoors to others by working on projects that improve wildlife populations and habitats across the state. This is usually someone with a passion for the outdoors, such as hunting, fishing, trapping, bird watching, or nature walks.

If that sounds like you, becoming a reservist might be the perfect fit for you.

Chris Foster, a long-time reservist from the Magic Valley area, recently said, “The department staff treats you well and appreciates any time you can spend helping out. It’s an extremely rewarding use of my time, knowing that I’m helping Idaho’s incredible wildlife.

If you’re more of a generalist and just want to help out with a wide range of fish and wildlife projects and activities that get you out of the house, the volunteer program is a good way to experience the different aspects of what Fish and Game is doing in Idaho. .

Every hour a reservist dedicates to projects, from hunter education to sage planting or free public fishing events, those volunteer hours provide vital matching dollars that enable Fish and Game to accomplish more with limited license dollars. Fish and Game does not receive state tax money, but instead depends on sales of licenses, tags, fees as well as federal excise taxes imposed on a wide range of equipment and game materials. hunting and fishing.

If volunteering sounds like fun and you are eager to learn new things and want to use your knowledge and outdoor experience to benefit wildlife, check out the volunteer reservist program at your nearest Regional hunting and fishing office.