In the cafe, the woman presented a warning about the “red flags” of her date


One woman explained how a chance meeting in a cafe baffled her – and made her date rethink.

After a year of bans and Covid-19 restrictions, many Brits are now venturing out for their first dates in cafes and bars.

Singles search for love across the country, but we all know that not every date goes well. And it can be difficult to spot red flags and warning signs when you like someone …

Well, a man was labeled a “hero” on social media after warning a woman that the man she dated was not a good kind, reports Der Spiegel.

The lady had an appointment in the square next to the man and got a note from the guy who warned her about the guy she was having coffee with.

And the woman, Hadia, opened up on social media about the experience – and posted a snippet of the note he gave her when their date was in the bathroom.

The man gave her a note while her date was out of the room

The story quickly spread on Twitter and people have praised the man for alerting Hadia when he felt something was wrong.

Hadia wrote: “I had coffee with a guy yesterday.

“When he went to the bathroom, the gay guy sitting behind me handed me this piece of paper.”

The note said, “Too many red flags. Run. Be sure, girl.”

On Twitter, one person said, “I can’t help but wonder how bright those flags were to a complete stranger AND write a warning. Big oops.”

Hadia quickly recognized some warning signs
Hadia quickly recognized some warning signs

Hadia replied, “As bright as my red nails.

“It wasn’t that bad to be honest … until he got out of the bathroom.

“All he said after the note was a big red flag.”

Another commenter said, “If I had gotten this note, I would have immediately given him the ‘Guess’ nod and ended the date early.

“Nobody will see one man’s red flags faster than another.”

“Not dramatic, but this advice could literally save your life,” added another.

While one woman said, “I was on a drink date once and the bartender was super nice to me and kind of rude to my date.

“I remember wondering if that was a red flag. It turned out that it was and he was right. “

While another wrote, “Not all girls are good at recognizing the signs – I’ve overlooked a few so that an outsider who looks at the scenario objectively will notice these signs.

“It was just a real warning, maybe.”

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