Hyderabad: In order to have an eco-friendly Ganesh Chaturthi, the state government has decided to promote eco-friendly Ganesh idols for the festivities which start from August 31st. Following the initiative, the Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority (HDMA) will distribute more than one lakh Ganesh clay idols for free. These idols will be distributed by the authorities in 41 different neighborhoods of the city.

The distribution started from Thursday and will end on August 30. To encourage the use of clay Ganesh idols and raise public awareness of environmental protection, relevant officers distribute free idols to the public, NGOs and residential welfare associations. .

According to HMDA, the civic body has been promoting the concept of ‘Eco Ganesha’-‘Green Ganesha’-‘Clay Ganesha’ for some years, as immersing such idols in bodies of water may not have any effect. debilitating on water quality. The HMDA has been distributing “Clay Ganesha” to citizens for free since 2017 to minimize the use of PoP-based idols. “The initiative started with the distribution of 30,000 idols which received a good response. As there is an increasing demand from citizens and communities for the supply of ‘Clay Ganeshas’, this year the HMDA has planned to handing out a lakh of idols for free,” an official said.

The 41 locations include Aarogyasri Office, No.10 Road, IAS Quarters, Banjara Hills, KBR Park, Greenland, No.1 Road, Venkateshwara Swamy Temple, Banjara Hills, Club Press Hyderabad, Press Academy, near Narsingi Rajapushpa, Tank Bund and various other Locations.

The Telangana government strikes a balance between development and state conservation by giving the highest priority to maintaining the ecological balance in the urban sector alongside the creation of infrastructure, industrial promotion, creation of jobs, etc. Initiatives such as Haritha Haram, creation of urban forest blocks, establishment of sewage treatment plants (STPs), municipal waste management practices aim to improve the “quality of life” of urban citizens.