Palm Beach County Mayor Robert Weinroth

Last week: With little chance of becoming law, the United States House moved to pass gun legislation, raising the minimum age to 21 for the purchase of semi-automatic weapons, in response to the recent wave of mass shootings (notably in Buffalo and Uvalde). However, any real hope for a bipartisan bill to address the ongoing carnage appears to rest with the US Senate as negotiations focus on bolstering mental health programs, improving school safety and improving student health. background checks. Beyond the political posture, it is time to make changes since the status quo cannot be considered acceptable by any of the parties in this ongoing debate.

Look forward: Too often, our elderly population is the victim of abuse, neglect and exploitation. In many cases, the perpetrators are the people who were entrusted with their care in places, including their homes, assisted living facilities or nursing homes. Abuse goes beyond the physical and can be financial, emotional or neglectful. The Palm Beach County Division of Senior Services and the Regional Agency on Aging are two local agencies responsible for providing services to seniors. If you are facing a crisis or need help, activities or programs, these are valuable resources. Also, to report elder abuse, the local hotline is 800-962-2873.