The World The article features first-hand accounts from some former Guilfoyle patients.

One, Cheryl Jensen of Bethlehem, NH, says Guilfoyle’s misreadings on her mammograms gave her tumor time to spread to her lymph nodes. Once the cancer was finally diagnosed, she underwent surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

Jensen is understandably angry with Guilfoyle — “he ruined the rest of my life” — but she reserves her bitterest anger for the New Hampshire Medical Board.

Challenging the agency’s “lack of action and transparency”, she told the World that Guilfoyle “got a slap on the wrist, and I got a slap from that advice.”

Meanwhile, patient Patricia Eddy, after learning that Guilfoyle was now practicing in Michigan focusing on readings other than mammograms, told reporters: “I don’t think he should be reading anything. “

Guilfoyle missed Eddy’s breast cancer on three consecutive annual screenings. Eventually, she had to undergo a double mastectomy.

“You have this doctor who was harming innocent patients with his ineptitude,” adds Eddy, “and [the New Hampshire Board of Medicine] does nothing about it.

Both patients were seen at rural satellite clinics of Dartmouth Health, which is affiliated with the Geisel School of Medicine in Hannover, NH