According to the law, the local body is supposed to provide an infrastructure for the activity of hawkers

KOLHAPUR: Various associations of street vendors Kolhapur The district wants the district administration to direct local bodies to implement the Street Vendors Livelihood (Protection) Act 2014, in letter and spirit.
Representatives of street vendor associations met with district officials and invited them to the conference which was held at Kolhapur’s Chahou Smarak June 24 on various aspects of the Vendors Act.
Satishchandra Kamble, a leader of one of the hawkers’ associations, said: “Time and time again we have demanded the implementation of the law. The act for the benefit of hawkers comes after several decades of independence. Orders are in place from Supreme Court to carry out the act. However, no efforts have been undertaken so far by the local bodies in the district.
According to the law, the local body is supposed to provide an infrastructure for the activity of hawkers. Street vendors must have lighting, a water connection, a solid waste collection service and training. The SC has established the rules for the formation of a municipal sales committee which will carry out various provisions mentioned in the law. The main responsibility of the city’s sales committee, made up of officials and peddler representatives, is to mark peddling and no-peddling areas in the town or city.
Dilip Powar, head of another hawkers association in the city, said: “As per SC order, no hawker shall be forcibly evicted unless the areas are finalized. However, the management was repeatedly neglected and forced evictions were carried out. The hawkers lose their livelihood.
Implementation of the law has not been done by most state civic bodies according to the survey conducted a few years ago. The Kolhapur Municipal Corporation (KMC) had set up the City Selling Committee which was abolished after the state government changed some rules regarding the constitution of the committee.


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