Two volunteers and one board member were recognized at the Hillsboro City Schools Board meeting on Monday, October 17, while Superintendent Tim Davis discussed many other accomplishments and activities.

At the start of the regular monthly meeting, Hillsboro council and administration honored two volunteers, Ingrid Griffith and John Oyer, “for the community service they have provided to our students and our schools.”

Griffith, the first person honored, was selected for the “incredible job” she did “providing photos” of Hillsboro students, Davis said. She photographs sporting events and other school activities, then uploads the photos to her Facebook, where students, parents and schools, including yearbook staff, can access them.

“It’s not just the events she attends for her kids,” Davis said. “She attends all the events, and she’s done it at the back of the community. We just want to thank Ingrid tonight for all of her hard work and dedication to the students of the schools in the town of Hillsboro for providing great photos.

“It’s just something our community raves about, and we just want to thank them for it.”

Oyer was also honored, as he is stepping down as Hillsboro PTO president after many years. Davis said that under Oyer’s leadership, the group has organized many successful events as well as unique activities for students.

“Now he has a vending machine in our primary for the kids,” Davis said. “When they do it right, they get tokens and then they can go out there and buy their own books. It’s something that will live on after John.

“We just want to thank him for all his years of dedication as PTO Chairman. He emailed me and said he was stepping down as chairman – he will still be part of the PTO, but just won’t be in charge – so we wanted to bring John here and him say thank you for his time and dedication to our children and the PTO.

Davis added that without Oyer’s passion for the project, the PTO “would be long dead.

“Thank you for keeping it going, managing it and doing great things for our children,” the superintendent told him.

After Davis presented the two winners with certificates — and both received a round of applause from the board — school board president Bill Myers also thanked Griffith and Oyer.

“I would also like to say on behalf of the board how much we appreciate what you are doing,” Myers said. “With Ingrid with the photos, it’s not just football, it’s not just anything – it’s all the sports we have, which can take a long time, and we appreciate that.

“And John – I mean since Emily [Myers’ oldest daughter] been to school, you’ve been in the area, and just the help you’ve given my wife personally, and how much we appreciate you. We are very grateful to you for all that you have done.

Also acknowledged Friday, at the start of the superintendent’s report, was board member Beverly Rhoads.

At the Ohio School Boards Association’s Southwest Region Fall Conference on October 13, Rhoads received the Al Kettlewell Award for Outstanding Board Members.

Hillsboro board members applauded Rhoads as Davis posted a photo of her being honored at the conference.

“Congratulations,” Davis said. “Only one person was rewarded. It’s very good for Beverly to have this.

From there, Davis then discussed various other activities, as he said the district had had a “very busy month.”

Davis released a recently released YouTube video featuring Hillsboro’s summer food program. The “Scott’s Free Lunch” series spotlighted the “Juice Box”, a small food truck that is being added to the summer food program fleet following the success of the HCS Tomahawk truck.

“He was a former restaurant manager in Kentucky, and he finds different stories to do,” Davis said. “They came and made this video in the summer one day and edited it, and it just came out this month. We’re really excited about it.

“Hats off to Jessica and all of our kitchen staff for feeding the kids in the summer. It’s just amazing.

To watch the video, go to

Davis also discussed a recent donation from the Hobart Institute of Welding Technology, contributing $60,000 worth of welding machines as well as “metal for our students to practice on.”

“Mr. [Josh] Pohlman [welding instructor] created a great relationship with Hobart through the kids he sent there and also with the professional development he attends on his own in the summer,” Davis said. “That’s kind of how the donation came. They are very satisfied with the students we send there for their qualifications and their level of preparation.

“These welders will give us a chance to expand what we do. They can perform different types of welds with the same machines.

Davis went on to talk about the meeting with Hobart representatives during board member Jerry Walker’s report, as Walker used his time to ask Davis for more details.

According to Davis, Hobart officials spoke of the great “need for welders,” with more than 3,000 job openings across the country. They also congratulated Hillsboro students who have been accepted into the Hobart program, the superintendent said.

“It’s a program that starts every month in Hobart,” Davis said. “There’s a waiting list because it’s a great program to join, and they only accept certain children. They spoke extremely well of the children we put there.

“They were talking about pay scales ranging from $30 and up, depending on where and what the kids will be doing. They need welders, and for our program to take off like it has and for students to go there and be successful, it’s a great avenue for our kids after high school.

Davis added that Hobart officials “know our children by name” and that the district is pleased with this ongoing relationship.

“We are very happy with the work that Mr. Pohlman is doing, and we are very happy to hear that Hobart is very happy with the children we are sending,” the superintendent said. “It’s just a testament to what he does for them being prepared.

“It was actually great to hear the people of Hobart know our kids by name. They talked a lot about who they were, what they did, and it seems like a really good relationship for that. that Hobart has with its students, even after graduation.

In other activities, the elementary school held a walkathon in October to raise funds for the annual Camp Joy trip, which was moved to fall from spring this year.

“Camp Joy is next week, October 24-26,” Davis said. “We decided to go in the fall this year rather than the spring where we were dealing with testing and different things. This will be the first year that Camp Joy is for fifth graders in the fall.

The high school track was also the site of the Special Olympics for Highland County athletes on October 15, with Davis posting several photos from the event.

“I want to give special thanks to Nathan Boatman, Brandy Pitzer and Kim Beam for helping to organize this for the schools in Hillsboro City and then all the county special education directors, special education teachers and all the attendees,” Davis said. “It was a great morning. It was a wonderful event. The children had fun. They competed in probably at least 10 or 12 different events, from softball throwing and basketball shooting to shuttles and tug of war.

“The other thing we did was they had the torch, so each district has a student, their superintendent or their representative to go around the track and carry the Olympic torch, which is a great introduction to the day.”

In other sports updates, Davis recapped the status of Hillsboro’s fall sports teams, including:
– The varsity men’s cross country finished third in the Frontier Athletic Conference with an individual conference champion in Corbin Winkle;
– The Cross Country Varsity Girls won an FAC Championship and had FAC Individual Champion Taylor Thoroman, plus seven runners (Thoroman, Jailyn Williams, Bree Bailey, Ramsey Haines, Brooklynn Minton, Brooklyn Lucarello and Abbey Letts) all finishing in the top 13 at the conference meeting;
– The college boys’ cross country finished the season as AFC champions and had AFC individual champion Rason Brunck, along with two other runners in the top five (Alex Read and Steven Ison);
– Middle School Girls’ Cross Country finished runner-up in CAF and had CAF individual runner-up (Arianna Evans);
– College boys football fell to Sections, 1-0 to Jackson;
– College volleyball won its first tournament game;
– College women’s soccer hosts Logan Elm in the section round on Oct. 20; and
– College football has the Rotary Bowl and Senior Night on Oct. 21 as well as a possible playoff spot.

Myers asked if Davis had an update on the new sports complex upgrades at the high school.

As previously reported, the board voted in July to approve the purchase of artificial turf and its installation through The Motz Group, LLC’s Southwestern Ohio Education Purchasing Council, turning the football field into a turf field and having the objective to install baseball and softball turf. inland fields in time for the spring 2023 season. The cost of the project has been estimated at $2.7 million.

Davis said they are waiting for fall sports to end before construction can begin.

“The tentative start date was going to start next week,” Davis said. “With the [girls soccer] section match, this will be the last match played on the soccer field.

“From next Monday should be the tentative time to start construction.”

As student representative Ethan Kirk also noted in his report, the Hillsboro FFA chapter’s annual “Ag Day” event was held on October 7. Davis shared a photo slideshow with examples of various protests, led by Hillsboro FFA members, for fourth-year students.

“Tour guides” led students to stations explaining a variety of topics, including animal and livestock care, plants, shirt dyeing, candle making and more.

“It was a big hit,” Davis said. “I want to thank Mr. [Brian] Cummings and Mrs. [Libby] McNeal and all the FFA students for putting this together.

Davis also shared a photo of a new HVAC unit at the alternative school during her report.

Also at Monday’s meeting, Hillsboro City Schools Treasurer Ben Teeters reviewed the district’s second five-year forecast for the 2022 calendar year, while the board presented reports and gave several approvals. Learn more: / 02/20/84266.