Good morning news: Six new homeless villages, “Recall Ted” becomes manager and Biden is busting the GOP – Blogtown voting programs


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President Biden celebrates the 100th anniversary of the Tulsa massacre. Brandon Bell / Getty Images

Good morning Portland! When we’re together it’s like hot coals in a fire (oh baby) My body is on fire, so come on heat my cravings (come on, come on). LET’S GO TO THE PRESS.


• New this morning in Mercury : If you’re wondering how much progress has been made in Portland on police reform since the assassination of George Floyd, our Alex Zielinski put together a well-researched five-part series about just that, and it’s one MUST READ. (Especially for any national writer tasked with writing one of the many inaccurate Portland is Dying stories.) LOOK AT IT!

• Following the recent raids on the homeless, the city announced that it would begin building six new outdoor villages in August that would offer uninhabited Portlanders shelter in tents, sleeping pods or vehicles. No word yet on how many beds the camps might have or where they are – but prepare your ears for the inevitable screeching neighborhood associations.

• A progressive-backed campaign to recall Mayor Ted Wheeler – after allegations of electoral and police reform gimmicks – is slated to begin collecting signatures in July and has hired a campaign manager.

• Have Latino workers employed by Clark County filed a federal discrimination lawsuit, saying they were victims of racial hostility and harassment and the county had done nothing to stop it.

• Good news for alcohol lovers like me: Oregon legislators passed a law allowing bars and restaurants to continue selling take-away cocktails even after the pandemic! It is now going to Governor Brown’s desk for final approval.


• Busy Bee Biden also made it very clear yesterday, on the occasion of the centenary of the Tulsa massacre, that the Democrats (HELLO, SEN Colored) harder to choose.

• Even more disturbing election news: the Supreme Court is due to hear another challenge to the voting law in the next few weeks – which they have partially gutted than the court Not have a conservative majority of 6: 3. (“Oh-oh” is correct.)

• They hate to see it: Two of the US’s most prominent far-right groups, the Proud Boys and Oath Keepers, are in an uproar following their attack on the nation’s capital and many arrests that have sparked power struggles and mutual clashes. (Also … heh, heh, hehhhhh.)

• Big Failure: After a month of anemic readership, former president and social media pariah Donald Trump abandoned his wailing, rambling blog. I told him he should have added a crossword!


• Good news for Democrats biting their nails over a falling House majority – Rep. Melanie Stansbury of Arizona won the vacant seat before Deb Haaland became Secretary of the Interior to President Biden.

• Medina Spirit, Kentucky Derby winner, may be the second horse in race history to be disqualified after a positive post-race drug test. The trainer accuses (of course) of “breaking off culture”. OMIGOD SO TIRED.

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• And now… THE WEATHER REPORT: Still sunny, if a little less hot today with a high of 91!

• And finally this bear RIP. (He will never be able to show his face in the cave again!)

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