Glenafton’s “Old Firm” charity day for Beatson and Sarcoma UK


Glenafton Amateurs Football Club went above and beyond to charity last Saturday after organizing an “Old Firm” charity game to benefit two cancer charities, Beatson and Sarcoma UK.

All participants in the event, which took place on May 22nd at Greenhead Park to raise money for Beatson and Sarcoma UK, had a fantastic day.

A group of residents donned either a Celtic or Rangers streak for a good-natured kick for the two causes – and helped raise over 2,000 pounds.

If you don’t want to know the result, you might not want to read on – but it was the “Rangers” team that came out on top that day, even though all the footballers tried very hard.

In a post on social media, Glenafton described the event and the grand total as “incredible” and said, “There are honestly no words to describe how much this means.

“Thanks to everyone who donated, participated in the game and supported the club on site.”

Cumnock Chronicle:

Players from both sides also received medals at the final whistle to thank them for their contribution and admirable athletic skills that day.

The club also thanked Thomas O’Kane for sponsoring the game, DS Wetwall & Bathrooms who provided the match ball, the club’s volunteers who fed and refreshed everyone, other volunteers who helped draw tickets Monday night runners, DJ Scotty T for providing the tunes and everyone who donated the raffle and prizes.

Cumnock Chronicle:

Every player who took part in the game and literally gave his best and “every single person who has contributed so much to improve” was praised.

Cumnock Chronicle:

Cumnock Chronicle:

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