Deborah, 40, has documented her life with cancer on her BBC podcast and on her Instagram account, @bowelbabe. It was here that she announced this week that her body could no longer cope. “No one knows how much time I have left,” she said.

Hours after announcing that her ‘one-lap roller coaster was coming to an end very soon’, she raised over £1million as tributes to her bravery poured in. Among them is the Giffords Circus, which lost its founder and inspiration, Nell Gifford two years ago at the surprisingly young age of 46 to breast cancer.

Deborah was a supporter of Giffords and her mother taught circus skills. Locked out, Deborah and her mum joined Giffords in hosting a week of online circus school, even when Deborah was undergoing treatment.

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Giffords’ Instagram said: ‘The message we hoped we would never read appeared on Monday, that Deborah was now at home receiving hospice care and like so many others we felt overwhelmed with sadness. Deborah was a supporter of Giffords Circus.

She set up the Bowel Babe Fund and asks one thing, that we all raise a glass to her and donate the price of a drink to the charities that have supported her Bowel cancer UK and The Royal Marsden
so that they continue to fund clinical trials and research into personalized medicine for cancer patients and support bowel cancer awareness campaigns.

“We made a donation and wanted to share this with you, so you can also consider donating, please visit @bowelbabefund to find more information on how to donate, thank you x.” For Deborah, it’s about taking it one day at a time, “one step at a time, and being grateful for another sunrise.

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My whole family is around me and we will be dancing together, sunbathing and laughing (I will cry!!) every moment possible!

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