Ghaziabad couple making honey traps, blackmailing business people with crores with sex chats, videos; arrested


A Ghaziabad couple were arrested for extorting hundreds of business people over Rs 20 crores by extorting them through sex chat and video.

The couple reportedly extorted over Rs 20 crore from 300 people in one year. (Picture for illustration)

A Ghaziabad couple were arrested for blackmailing hundreds of business people and extorting money through sex chat and video extortion.

The couple, identified as Yogesh and Sapna Gautam, reportedly extorted over 20 billion rupees from 300 people in one year, according to a report published by The Print.

The couple extorted money from wealthy people, including business people and professionals, using their intimate photos and sex chats. They reportedly had almost 30 wives who helped them extortion.

“Sapna and her husband had split roles. She (Sapna) would join the website with new IDs and chat with the victims. She also trained other women for the job. Yogesh took care of the locations (the places where the victims were called), phone numbers and bank accounts, ”a senior Ghaziabad police officer is quoted as saying in the report.

“On the website (strip chat) you have to pay 234 rupees per minute. Half of the money is taken in by the website and the rest went to the couple to do their services like sex chat, “the official said.

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According to the police officer, the couple is supposed to convince users to part with their personal information like their phone number. They were then video-called on WhatsApp and employed “to undress, masturbate and engage in other sexual activities. The defendants then blackmailed them with the recorded videos in order to extort money. “

The couple’s suspicious activities were investigated by Ghaziabad police after Rajkot police contacted them earlier this month. Rajkot Police had received a complaint from the owner of an accounting firm alleging that one of his employees had made a transaction of Rs 80 lakh from the company’s account to a bank account in Ghaziabad.

On Friday, police arrested Yogesh and Sapna, along with three other people, from their home in Raj Nagar, Ghaziabad.

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