The Ministry of Information said it was working closely with the National Media Commission (NMC) and other key players in the media space on a number of interventions aimed at protecting media freedom and the safety of journalists in the country.

The sector minister, Kojo Oppong Nkrumah, announced that one of these measures was the creation of the coordinated mechanism, which was responsible for achieving results of interventions.

He said these included regular training for state and non-state actors on the safety of journalists and the need to ensure that journalists and media professionals are not injured in the line of duty or of their mandate.

The Minister explained that the coordinated mechanism also aimed to provide annual accountability platforms for reported breaches of journalists’ safety and to validate these breaches.

Mr. Oppong Nkrumah, who appeared before Parliament, was responding to a question posed by Francis-Xavier Sosu, Deputy (MP) of Madina, who wanted to know the measures taken to safeguard the freedom of the media guaranteed by the 1992 Constitution.

The Minister said that in accordance with the provision of the 1992 Constitution, which established the NMC to guarantee the freedom and independence of the media, the commission, in collaboration with the Ministry of Information, inaugurated the Office of the Mechanism coordinated on the safety of journalists in May 2021, with a mandate to protect journalists.

He said that the NMC, in collaboration with other stakeholders, has developed a framework for the implementation of the coordinated mechanism with the aim of providing guidelines to the National Coordinating Committee on the Safety of Journalists.

Mr. Oppong Nkrumah said that the framework also proposes a multi-stakeholder platform bringing together journalists’ associations, representatives of the executive, legislative and judiciary, the three branches of government, media development partners, organizations civil society and journalism training institutions.

He said state institutions focused on peacebuilding, arbitration and civic education, such as the National Council for Peace and the National Commission for Civic Education, were part of the framework.