Galilee Baptist works with the non-profit organization “The Bridge” to collect groceries


SAN ANGELO, Texas – Galilee Baptist Church worked with nonprofit The Bridge to provide Christmas gifts to those in need in the ward.

“We are trying to meet the needs of the community through these food distribution programs. We try to target between 150 and 200 different families to feed, ”said Galilee Baptist Church pastor John Pope.

207 cars, to be precise, went down the drive-through style line for Thanksgiving essentials, including non-perishable goods and half a turkey. The Galilee has quarterly food drives for the church, and The Bridge believes that giving back is the best way to show God’s love.

“Sharing a vision and sending a message to the community that there are people who not only work together and are united, but also take care of them personally,” added Theodore Boone, president of the nonprofit The Bridge. “So the heart of ‘The Bridge’ is to provide people with a vehicle or an opportunity to cross and connect in the best interests of the community.”

Since 1 out of 8 people in the Concho Valley were affected by food insecurity, the car line was secured by almost 4 blocks.

“We had cars lined up from 19th Street to 15th Street at 6:45 this morning to be served, and it’s exciting to be able to serve these members of the community,” said Pope.

Galilee and ‘The Bridge’ believe they have served the community successfully and add that they work better together!

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