“Dan Silver started the charity after battling testicular cancer in 2009. The charity is based in Plymouth Devon and aims to help young men through their testicular cancer journey, from diagnosis, treatment and aftercare, as well as mental health support. They are also working very hard to educate more young men about the disease. “It was Dash Of Silver who, through charity, made donation to the hospital of the chemotherapy kit which was given to me during my oncology consultation.At the time, the pack provided meant the absolute world to me as it contained all the essentials to make my treatment experience of chemotherapy as comfortable as possible.” It was touching that someone who had been through the experience identified a way to make the experience a little easier for newly diagnosed patients. “These packs cost money to make and assemble and it is for this reason that I am trying to raise as much awareness as money for Dash Of Silver so they can continue the fantastic work they are doing. The money raised will also help Dash Of Silver in its mission to continue to support young men through their cancer journey, from diagnosis, treatment and post-cancer care with mental health support.” If the money we can collect is going to someone else I did that day at my first chemo consultation, it will be worth it.