Findings from the first wave of voluntary OTAs


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Andy Dalton was brought in as the Bears quarterback – a job he has to earn through Fields – and he took up the field with his new teammates for the first time this week at Halas Hall. While Fields is the rookie, Dalton also learns this offensive and hits everyone for the first time.

“Right now the chemistry with our guys is just building,” said Dalton. “[It’s my] for the first time close to all. For her, [it’s] I hear my cadence, make sure we’re communicating well, and just get a feel for how our players run routes and everything else in the skill position. “

While Dalton is first learning this offensive, Dalton, along with Fields, has the veteran experience the bears feel confident of. Dalton has learned a few crimes in his 11 year career, so this is nothing new to the veteran.

“As soon as I signed here, I’ve already started learning the offensive,” said Dalton. “Fortunately, after I’ve been here – I believe this is my seventh coordinator in my eleven years – I know how to prepare for a new offense. To start over, I tried to make sure I was on the same page to make sure that if I had any questions I could reach out so that this time of year I wouldn’t have to answer questions and see how things were going. I was there, I tried to learn and I’m really comfortable with everything we’ve done so far. “

Also, it doesn’t hurt that Dalton has experience working with Bears offensive coordinator Bill Lazor.

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