The 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China has provided many opportunities for China to boost people-to-people exchanges with the rest of the world, officials and experts said at a seminar on Tuesday.

Exchanges between civil societies from different countries are crucial for global peace and prosperity at a time when the world faces challenges related to peace, development and governance, they said.

Senior officials and experts from countries including Iran, Cambodia, UK, Egypt, Serbia, Malaysia and Sri Lanka participated in the virtual seminar, which aimed to enhance solidarity and cooperation international. The event was organized by the Chinese NGO Network for International Exchanges.

Chen Zhou, vice minister of the International Department of the CPC Central Committee, said in his keynote speech that the 20th CPC National Congress, which ended last month, set the blueprint for China in the years to come. come. The international community has paid great attention to the congress, and a large number of political parties, governments, think tanks and NGOs have sent congratulatory letters through his department, Chen said.

China’s road to modernization, which was highlighted at the congress, has provided new options for the modernization of mankind, he said.

China is committed to promoting building a community with a shared future for mankind, and the country remains committed to boosting opening-up, he added.

Chen called on international civil organizations to shoulder their historical responsibilities and redouble their efforts to promote exchanges among civilizations.

Hassan Ghafourifard, former vice president of Iran and also chairman of the Foundation for Islamic Development, said at the seminar that the CCP leaders’ insight into world peace and development has laid the foundation for a extensive international cooperation to “build a better world for all”, which was the theme of the seminar.

Ghafourifard hailed China’s efforts in the global fight against COVID-19. “As the coronavirus spreads around the world, China, giving priority to saving human lives, alongside the vast fight against the virus inside China, has provided widespread assistance to other countries in this uphill fight in cooperation with the World Health Organization,” he said.

Zivadin Jovanovic, president of the Belgrade Forum for a World of Equals, said at the seminar that civil societies, non-governmental associations and think tanks should improve and coordinate their support for building a new and just world order. and democratic based on the principle of the sovereign equality of all countries, regardless of their size or their economic or military power.

“At this stage of deep divisions, turbulence and unpredictable developments in global relations, the need to strengthen cooperation and solidarity among civic organizations is growing,” Jovanovic said.

The grand vision of China and national rejuvenation presented to the congress by Xi Jinping, general secretary of the CPC Central Committee, will be successfully implemented, “thereby making China a leading power in all respects”, added Jovanovic.