Randy sex toy owners let STRANGERS control their smart vibrators remotely


SEX toy maker Lovense has launched an online forum where users can pair and remotely control each other’s vibrators.

The Bluetooth sex toy company created the Lovense Life platform as a place where users can create a free account and meet other like-minded people.


Lovense’s Lush is an intelligent vibrator that connects to your smartphoneImage credit: Lovense

Lovense toys are known as a device that can be controlled over long distances.

Control can be done with a PC, smartphone, or sometimes another Lovense toy.

The Hong Kong company developed these devices to improve sexual intimacy between two or more people.

According to Sex Tech GuideLovense Life from https://www.dateblocker.com/stripchat/ allows users to chat and discuss whether they want to control a toy, have a toy controlled, or share two-way control between two toys with a complete stranger.

    Lovense Life is a platform to meet people who also like to use interactive toys


Lovense Life is a platform to meet people who also like to use interactive toysImage credit: Lovense

Lovense has also announced that there will soon be a live dating feature that suits users looking for similar things.

Users can rate themselves as looking for a romantic partner, play partner, or a once in a lifetime experience.

Lovense Life also serves as a platform for artists who can create accounts in the Cam Models Lounge area.

There is also a “developer corner” on the website for those who like technology to get insights from Lovense engineers in a discussion forum.

Tech enthusiasts can also share their own ideas for the next sex tech products.

Lovense Life launches at a time when the company is dealing with an ongoing lawsuit for allegedly storing and transferring customer data without consent.

Strange sex creations

Here are some of the most bizarre sex technologies …

  • Sex Robots – These robots are essentially realistic dolls with refined movements and “areas” that closely mimick humans so they can let off steam. Experts believe sex bots get hyper-realistic with features like built-in heaters to create the sensation of body heat and sensors so they can respond to touch.
  • Autoblow AI – This is the world’s first oral sex robot, which is essentially just a mouth connected to a device.
  • Sex Glasses – Stripchat Webcam Sex Site Now Offers “Immersive Cam Shows” With VR Headsets.
  • VR Porn Booths – The booth built by German company Virtual Real Pleasure – about the size of a small bathroom – costs £ 8,000 to install. Inside there is a high-end VR headset (virtual reality) and an easy-to-clean imitation leather armchair to sit on.
Sex toys are a “GoPro for your WILLY” that enables live stream recordings from your private life

In other news, the infamous sex robot Harmony is now shipping to hundreds of customers.

The Sun recently launched a spooky sex robot swap forum, where owners swap their “injured, battered dolls” with one another.

And last year, The Sun exclusively revealed how a sex bot collector spent $ 200,000 on love dolls – which he keeps in a closet.

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