GitHub has over 83 million developers on its platform, including over 7.2 million Indian developers

New Delhi: Software Freedom Conservancy, a US-based non-profit organization, has called on the developer community to avoid Microsoft-owned open-source repository GitHub, which now aims to make money from its for-profit commercial product. called “Copilot”.

Software Freedom Conservancy, which is backed by Google, Red Hat and Mozilla, said it also ended all of its own use of GitHub and announced a long-term plan to help fully free and open source projects (FOSS ) to migrate away from GitHub.

“While we are not requiring our existing member projects to move at this time, we will no longer be accepting new member projects that do not have a long-term plan to migrate off of GitHub,” the organization said. in a press release.

GitHub developers by the numbers

GitHub has over 83 million developers on its platform, including over 7.2 million Indian developers.

There are over 100 million repositories hosted on GitHub.

The organization has urged its member projects and community members to avoid GitHub (and all proprietary software development services and frameworks).

Copilot launch

Microsoft and GitHub launched “Copilot” nearly a year ago, developed in partnership with OpenAI, a Microsoft-owned AI research organization.

The company has now launched the commercial version of “Copilot” which is like Gmail’s “Smart Compose” tool which aims to help you suggest text as you type.

“Copilot seemed to be more of a research prototype than a product. The facts changed last week when GitHub announced that Copilot was a for-profit commercial product,” Software Freedom Conservancy said.

“Launching a for-profit product that disrespects the FOSS community like Copilot does just makes the weight of GitHub’s bad behavior too much to bear,” he added.

GitHub had not yet reacted to the Software Freedom Conservancy.

The organization said opting out of GitHub’s services is the primary power developers have to send a “strong message to GitHub and Microsoft regarding their misbehavior.”

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