Residents of the Karol Bagh area of ​​the Municipal Corporation of Delhi can now have their plastic waste collected at their doorstep by simply scanning a QR code, officials say.

Special Officer, MCD, Ashwini Kumar launched the new initiative called “Plastic Pick-up Chat Bot” at the Civic Center on Wednesday.

QR code stickers will be pasted in prominent places like offices of market associations and resident welfare associations, officials said.

The MCD has taken an important initiative towards the collection of plastic waste in collaboration with an NGO, the civic body said in a press release.

“With its help, people can hand in their plastic waste to MCD sitting at home and get attractive gifts in return,” he added.

Karol Bagh Area Deputy Commissioner Shashanka Ala said the MCD will place QR code stickers in the offices of market associations, resident welfare associations and other important places so that people can easily use this facility.

People can start the chat bot by scanning the QR code issued by the company. It will ask citizens for their name, mobile phone number and where to pick up the plastic. After that, a representative of the NGO will collect the plastic waste from their home within 48 hours, she said.

Special Officer Kumar said that through this initiative, the problem of plastic waste will be better solved and the plastic will not reach the landfills.

The MCD will also try to implement this facility in other areas, he said.

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