NEW DELHI: A collective group of Delhi-centric resident welfare associations, NGOs and activists held a unique conclave on Saturday to make suggestions on the next Delhi 2041 master plan and vouched to draft a “Municipal Accountability Law” to protect citizens’ rights and ensure the implementation of promised services.
The conclave was held under the auspices of the “Save Our City” campaign following the reunification of three civic bodies in the capital.
“The RWA are afraid to break through the thick walls of the ‘babudom’ for routine work in the absence of the advisers. To hold authorities and officials accountable, there is an urgent need for the Model Municipal Accountability Act to curb corruption and inefficiency in services and change the political mindset,” said Rajik Kakria of the Greater Kailash Residents’ Welfare Association who suggested the bill. He is the campaign organizer.
Anil Sood, chairman of Chetna, a non-governmental organization working on environmental issues, said that “only 20% of the population compensates the 80% of property tax paid in Delhi. It is time to hold the civil authorities Additionally, the city could face a major crisis if it turns to solar and battery-powered vehicles without planning for the proper disposal of solar panels and batteries.
Improving Delhi’s air quality should also be on the authorities’ list of priorities, members of the Save Our City collective said.
Diwan Singh, who works in the field of water conservation, said the nation’s capital should not be totally dependent on water supply from neighboring states and should become self-sufficient in this area.