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The Delhi government has decided to extend the deadline for submitting plans for redevelopment of 24 industrial clusters in non-compliant areas (villages) in the capital to June 30, 2022. But the question of who is making the plans has been pending for over a decade.

The decision to extend the deadline was made at a meeting chaired by State Industry Minister Satyender Jain, attended by representatives from the 24 industrial clusters and officials from Delhi State Industrial and Infrastructure Development Corporation (DSIIDC).

“After hearing the complaints from Association members and the details provided by the Secretary (Industry), the Minister (Jain) has instructed to extend the deadline to 06/30/2022 as proposed at the meeting of the MPD-2041,” said a government official .

A senior DSIIDC official said, “The industrial cluster associations should prepare the layouts. Due to the pandemic last year, the deadline was extended to December 2021. However, since the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) will announce the new master plan for Delhi (MPD-2041) and also because of the pandemic, it was decided to extend the deadline by a further six months. “

The 24 industrial clusters that have been reported bundled since 2005 operate in areas belonging to rural villages (non-compliant areas) such as Khayala, Peeragarhi, Mundka, Hastsal, Anand Parbat, etc. These clusters have been notified for rehabilitation by the government of Delhi as there were 70% or more industries in these areas.

While the industrial zone associations welcome the decision to extend the deadline, they want the government to determine responsibility for drawing up the recovery plan for their clusters.

“After hearing the complaints from members of the Union and the details provided by the Minister (Industries), the Minister (Jain) has directed the deadline by the 30th of the proposed MPD-2041,” said a government official.

According to the standards notified in the Delhi-2021 Master Plan in 2012 for the rehabilitation of clusters with industrial concentration in non-compliant areas: (to be formed by the landowners). ”

Vijay Virmani, President of the Delhi Manufactures’ Federation (an association of non-compliant industrial clusters) said: “The rules clearly state that this must be done by the local authorities. We tried to convince the government to ask the citizens’ offices to prepare the layout. But no decision has been made yet. “

According to the MPD-2021 regulations, clusters should have a direct access road of at least 18 m right of way; A 10% area must be reserved for above-ground parking, loading and unloading; 10% area reserved for infrastructure requirements such as police stations, fire stations, pump houses, etc .; 8% areas reserved for parks, among other places.

Federation members said it was not possible to convince people to give up their land for redevelopment according to the clauses mentioned in MPD 2021.

Joginder Talwar, Secretary General of the Delhi Manufactures’ Federation, said: “It is our responsibility to prepare the floor plans for the new development. But the fact is, we don’t have the power to do it. We cannot force an industrial owner to give up his land for civil infrastructures such as road widening, fire stations, etc. “

When contacted, a senior DSIIDC official who was aware of the development said, “We just want these industrial clusters to develop and have essential facilities. The associations can have the site plan drawn up by the citizens’ offices on request. Since they are the landowners, they have to prepare the plan. “

Without a firm decision on the matter, industry owners stated that they could not do their work freely as their work depends on an extension of the deadline. Ashwani Sehgal, general secretary of Peeragarhi Industrial Area, said, “Our licenses for factory and other permits will be extended when the deadline for submitting layouts is extended. We want a permanent solution to the problem. “

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