Colwood Council has postponed its decision on whether to carry out preliminary consultation work on a possible volunteer scheme until after the municipal elections this fall.

At a meeting on June 13, the council. Cynthia Day moved a motion to delay the decision until the new board has been sworn in. The motion passed with only two dissenting votes.

Staff recommended that council ask staff to hire a consultant to undertake the first five steps of the plan to create the program, which the town developed in partnership with Volunteer Victoria. These five steps a consultant would have been tasked with include documenting program priorities, identifying potential partners, reviewing existing policies, identifying volunteer assignments, and developing guidelines and tools.

In presenting her motion, Day said that while she thinks it’s a good idea for the city to work on improving its volunteer structure, ultimately she thinks it’s not appropriate to proceed with a entirely new program which would include the hiring of a new member of staff. so close to an election.

Once a consultant has completed the first five steps of the program implementation plan, the next step would be to hire a full-time volunteer coordinator to run the program, which is estimated to cost approximately $91,500 per year. . The consultancy work was estimated at a one-time cost of $10,000.

The proposed volunteer program stems from a need identified in the council’s 2018 strategic plan to increase the capacity of the city and its partner organizations to support the many residents who wish to volunteer their time for programming, events and services. from the city. According to the report presented to the council, Colwood has seen a 26% increase in the number of residents interested in volunteering between 2020 and 2021.

The areas of volunteer focus with the strongest year-over-year growth also align with the city’s strategic goals, including opportunities related to heritage, mental health, learning and education. environment.

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