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Coaling Volunteer Firefighters Respond After Lost Animal Rescued

TUSCALOOSA COUNTY, Ala. (WBRC) – The Coaling Volunteer Firefighters answered a call this week, and it’s a call they won’t soon forget. There was no drama behind the rescue and it lasted five minutes, but someone’s lost furry friend is safe and sound.

It happened at Faith Church on Highway 11 in Coaling. A citizen noticed a dog on the landing of an exterior staircase that leads to the second floor of the church.

Coaling Volunteer Fire Chief Scott White says they never hesitated a moment to save the shepherd mix. White says it was obvious to him that the animal was frightened and had probably been chased down the stairs by another animal and was afraid to come back down. White says he doesn’t know how long the 25-pounder was at the top of the stairs. Getting to her and getting her to safety didn’t happen right away.

Dog rescue.(Source: Coaling Fire Chief Scott White)

“Over the years of caring for dogs, I noticed that you had to build a bond of trust, and that’s what I did with her. I didn’t want her to panic more than ‘she already wasn’t, so I took the time to build a friendship, a bond of trust with her before making any sudden gestures before grabbing her. The bottom line is that, like all humans, they sometimes get scared of things and she was a little nervous and paranoid about going back down,” White said.

White says the dog had no collar, no microchip, but it was obvious she was being groomed and for now he gave her the name “Hope”. White says he and his wife will keep him for several days in hopes of adopting him through the No Greater Love organization in Foster.

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