Posted: Date Posted – 12:32 AM, Wed – 6 Jul 22

Hyderabad: With the rains here, the threat of seasonal diseases is greater than ever. And that’s on top of a steadily rising number of Covid-19 cases. To contain the spread of vector-borne diseases in the city, a series of measures are already underway, with the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) deploying 2,375 staff to work on vector control operations.

Currently, weekly larval operations are underway with 642 teams under the Pin Point Program (PPP). Under this program, residential localities are inspected and places inside houses identified as mosquito breeding grounds are treated with larvicides. In houses where cases of dengue fever and malaria have been reported, pyrethrum has been sprayed inside and misting has been done to prevent further transmission.

These measures taken by the corporation are in addition to the deployment of foggers in different areas of the city. Two portable foggers were assigned to each department and two vehicle-mounted foggers were assigned to each GHMC circle. Trackers were installed on 64 vehicle-mounted foggers and 10 portable foggers to monitor distance travelled. “While portable foggers should cover at least 2 km per day, or 45 minutes to 1 hour, vehicle-mounted foggers should cover at least 18 km per day, or 2.5 hours to 3 hours,” an official said. of the GHMC.

The GHMC Entomology Wing also deals with complaints of mosquito threats reported by people via the MyGHMC app, emails, Twitter, via the 040-21111111-GHMC helpline number, corporations, elected officials and resident welfare associations.

After the company was unable to evenly spray chemicals into lakes to destroy mosquito larvae by deploying personnel, drones were brought into use to spray the chemicals. In addition to this, six mosquito traps were installed for the identification of mosquito density and species. Based on mosquito density and species data, anti-larval operations, adult mosquito control measures, information, education and communication (IEC) campaigns and other activities are planned. The GHMC asked people to keep the premises of the houses clean and to help the civic body to contain seasonal diseases.