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The Lawrence Cultural Arts Commission will soon be looking to distribute $150,000 in grants to local arts organizations.

The money comes from a grant from the U.S. National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) bailout to help the arts and culture sector recover from the pandemic, according to a city news release on Monday.


“City of Lawrence staff are working with members of the Lawrence Cultural Arts Commission to develop a nonprofit local arts and culture grant application program to apply for funds,” according to the release.

To help determine funding levels, the city is asking all interested arts and culture organizations in Lawrence to complete an intent to apply form at this link.

Organizations must be 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations or an independent entity of a Lawrence-based institution of higher education to be eligible, according to information on the application website.

“The City and the Lawrence Cultural Arts Commission are very pleased to receive this grant and to provide sub-grants to help support our local arts and culture organizations as they recover from the financial impact of the pandemic,” Daniel Smith, chairman of the Cultural Arts Commission, said in the city release.

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Jeff Burkhead/Lawrence Times

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May 25 marked the second anniversary of the murder of George Floyd. June 18 will mark the two-year anniversary of the completion of a mural – acknowledging Floyd and the Black Lives Matter Movement – ​​which was spray-painted behind a wooden fence facing a busy roadway of Lawrence.

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Paul Buskirk, director of academic support at KU’s athletics department, said his family members have always been engaged in service, whether as teachers, doctors, pastors or otherwise.

Ken Lasman

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When first emerging, these Echinacea pallida ray flowers on the edge of the seed disc grow skyward, then flatten out, eventually relaxing enough to point downward or even curve toward the stem .

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Free summer breakfasts are available for children at community sites in Lawrence, Baldwin City and Eudora, and one site in Lawrence will also begin serving breakfasts this week.