By Jennifer Stultz Editor

Greensburg Mayor Matt Christenson called the meeting for April 18, 2022 at 6 p.m. and after the usual oath of allegiance and summons, council members got to work vetting the volunteers who agreed to continue. to serve the city.

Three Planning Commission seats are due to expire on April 30, 2022, but current members Scott Eller, Loren Campbell and Georgina Rodriguez have all indicated they are willing to continue serving in that capacity. A unanimous vote approved the reappointment of all three for additional two-year terms.

The Greensburg Tree Board seats currently held by Dea Corns, Tom Corns and Travis Barnes will expire on May 31, 2022. All three have agreed to serve an additional 3-year term. The motion and vote to approve these seatholders was also approved unanimously.

Alex Lansdowne, recently appointed to the Office of Tourism, has left Greensburg and is no longer on the board. His unexpired term runs until December 31, 2022. Grant Neuhold, who previously held the seat, has agreed to be reappointed for the unexpired term. The Tourist Board recommended the nomination, which the city council also unanimously approved.

Mayor Christenson read his annual Arbor Day Proclamation, recognizing April 29, 2022 as Arbor Day in the City of Greensburg. He reminded everyone that the Tree Board is having a tree planting that day in Sunset Park at noon.

In other cases, counsel members:

* heard a request to hold a street dance on May 28, 2022 on Main Street, from City Administrator Stacey Barnes on behalf of Levi Murray, Cannonball Bar and Grill, who requested permission from the proceeding leader to organize a street dance and beer garden on Main Street on Saturday May 28th. Ordinance 1064 authorizes the issuance of a permit by the city, authorizing the consumption of alcohol in public places

property, with the agreement of the municipal council. Outdoor cafe sales, fencing, liability insurance, etc. are regulated by the state. Murray was on hand to answer any questions regarding the Memorial Day weekend event. Barnes also confirmed that there will be no arts and crafts fair this year and that the rodeo has been moved to the previous weekend. The only other events planned for this weekend are the picnic and the alumni banquet. Without further questions for Murray, the board moved and voted to approve the street dance and beer garden proposal for May 28, 2022. Barnes indicated that the group that is the book is “Whiskey South Forty”, whose the lead singer is former city administrator Steve Hewitt.

* Discussed pool park perimeter sidewalk bids, two of which came back from nearly identical scope, with Denton Schmidt Concrete submitting for $28,275 and Pueblo Concrete for $33,542. The donation fund was earmarked for improving the park. The current cash balance of the fund is $134,000. Reves asked if all of the existing sidewalk would be removed. Any existing sidewalk found to be in good condition will be retained; however, a majority of them are broken and will be removed. Trummel made a motion to accept Denton Schmidt Concrete’s offer. Kern seconded and

then asked if either bidder had provided an estimated completion date. They do not have. little noted that

the pool would open in about six weeks. The question was asked whether additional ADA access would be required. Neither bid included the work of the ADA. A discussion took place that most of the ADA ramps are in place and in good condition at the corners of the park. There is also access along the entrance to the pool on the south side of the block. We wondered whether or not there are ADA ramps to the north

end of the block, due to the city’s drainage system. (Barnes later confirmed that there were indeed ramps on the north end as well.) Barnes will review ADA code requirements, to see if additional work will need to be added to bids. The original motion passed 5-0.

* made quarterly transfers, with the exception of Electricity to

Transfer from the general fund. This transfer will take place

throughout the year and used only when necessary. Barnes said all of the primary funds except Big Well are showing revenues above expenses. She indicated that it is typical for the Big Well to show overspending in the 1st quarter with fewer visitors at this time of year and the

purchase of goods for the next tourist season.

* understood in a report by Barnes that with regard to airport infrastructure:

Airport infrastructure: Last Wednesday, Ryan from Lochner came to Greensburg to meet with Southern Pioneer at the airport to discuss the power line extension. Southern Pioneer will obtain cost estimates from Lochner for the electrical work. This part of the project will not be subject to a call for tenders. Southern Pioneer will do the work itself. For the water part of the project, the hydrologist was absent last week

and submission to KS Department of Water Resources (DWR) will take place this week. After their approval, the test well will be drilled. The official permit requesting the transfer of the 15 acre water right will then be given to DWR.

* Barnes also reported that the city’s BASE grant application was not granted for the development of the Greensburg Business Park.