One of the real treasures that every nonprofit relies on is its team of hardworking volunteers. Doing everything from fundraising and rolling up their sleeves to provide extra hands for the charity to delivering services, they do so fueled by their commitment to making a difference for the good of the organization.

And for 60 years, the Women’s Auxiliary to Children’s Medical Center Dallas has supported Children’s Health staff, patients and their families through its Dallas and Plano chapters.

In the past year alone, the president of the Dallas Auxiliary Lisa Rocchio and president-elect Courtney Gilbert and assistant president of Plano Allison Doyle and president-elect Donna Lier powered up to introduce the President of the Children’s Medical Center Foundation Brent Christopher with a check for over $1.3 million.

Courtney Gilbert, Lisa Rocchio, Brent Christopher, Allison Doyle and Donna Ivy*

In addition to this, Auxiliary Sections “donated more than 1,000 toys, books and toiletries for patients and families, coordinated staff appreciation deliveries for hardworking employees and care teams and served as staunch ambassadors for children’s health throughout the community.”

Over the past 60 years, The Auxiliary has provided more than $24 million and thousands of volunteer hours to make The Children’s a comforting institution for healing.

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* Photo provided by Children's Medical Center Foundation