Thirty. “Other“It’s not just a Pin upbut it is also a Awareness toolAnd revealing of And Public engagementOffer spaces for encounters, testimonies and exchanges on the subject of breast cancer. “Se.No” spotlights A a taboo subjectthat of Diseases. It does this by removing the filters and the eloquence, and the attraction between two electrodes: Scientific storytelling and moments The real life. Science and emotions intertwine to say The way of care and life of women situated in Coping with illness.

Last signed offer Arditodesio. the society For the first time today in Trento Wednesday April 13 at 8:45 p.m. in social theater With Useful and special event. The initiative was organized by the Municipality of Trento in collaboration withHealth Authority of the Autonomous Province of Trento Medical assistance Antonelle Ferro.

“Often, after the diagnosis – explains Ferro – a feel confused Related fear of illnessthe remedies, the prognosis, the consequences of all this on the family, on the role of the individual, on the capacity to maintain it; Fear of marital relationshipfor the consequences of Relationship with children. fear for themselves social roleto consult work or not to keep rhythms or the same productivity; fear of physical pain, fear of death“.

Theater in use to prohibit Based on treatment or treatmentThe objective of the evening, in fact, is to contribute significantly to the Communication activities on the subject Breast cancer prevention and concretely support the activities Breast unit in Trento. History is scientific, emotional, informative and engaging: a new frontier of civic theater Exactly what we think we are Documented scientific link and efficient.

” More and more modern medicine Specifically, Oncology – FOLLOW THE DOCTOR – aims to provide an increasingly personalized treatment that takes into account not only the pathology, but also the person with their expectations, fears and interests psychological needs Thanks to the intervention of an expert and specialist. This is why we consider projects that can represent valid support in the context of the tiring and articulated path of women with breast cancer should be integrated into Breast Network / Breast Unit in Trento“.

With this new offer, the company’s commitment, driven by Andrea Brunello. In this case too, the story of social phenomena is inseparable from the scientific story: the show actually deals with a disease that afflicts and disfigures. Complete relationship systems.

“Culture is an essential tool for prevention – Councilor for Culture of the Municipality of Trento, Elisabetta Bozzarelli – Thank you international languageoffers value support for science, which helps to create opportunities for knowledge, deepening and understanding. With this conviction, the municipal administration supports the Arditodesìo project. Disclosure is more strategic after days pandemicwhich often slows down or makes access more difficult to prohibitWhat is needed now more than ever Resist And let him know“.

Representing and addressing science Julia Toniotithe protagonist on stage, explores both the human side and the scientific doctor, with attention also to the description of diagnostic and treatment procedures. The scientific durability of what is said during the presentation is guaranteed by the continuous supervision carried out by Dr. Ferro during the entire presentation phase. dramatic writing.

During the investigation stage, the author of the scenario Brunello met many a woman which they generously donated Intimate and special stories. The synthesis of these slices of life intensifies in The story of the protagonist Roberta, young woman crossing Diseases The need for reception and field work sudden changes In each area of ​​its own Daily lifeAnd Professionals And Staff.

The evening at the Teatro Sociale was conceived as a useful event to support the activities of the Synology Network / Breast Unit in Trento: part ofncassi will be donated for this purpose In addition, private crowdfunding has been activated.

The appointment is organized by the Municipality of Trento, Apss and Compagnia Arditodesìo and benefits Patronage of the Syndicate of Doctors and Surgeons From the province of Trento, with the support of Pace Trentino and Rosa’s Journey. Radio Dolomites He is the event’s media partner.

Learn more about Fund raising It will be available on the website. Arditodesio. the society (here is the link).

Company Arditodesio | Jet-powered theater project

Arditodesìo was born in 2002say the namebold desire“Creating and performing theater while preserving The highest degree of integrity Content and artistic. Jet Propulsion Theater (JPT –, he is a Role From Compagnia and the Physical Sciences Communication Laboratory of the Department of Physics of the University of Trento. GBT is dedicated to science communication through theatre. About one was produced using Jpt Dozens of scientific theatrical performances Informative in nature, he has toured Italy and abroad.

At the same time, JPT has developed many Intensive conference, outreach experiences that simultaneously see scholars and artists as heroes on stage. Since 2017, in cooperation with the University of Trento and the University of Opera, she has organized and produced the Teatro della Meraviglia ( experience container theater science Which explores the best proposals and the latest scientific discoveries in the field of science communication through performing arts.