Sandeep Rana

Tribune press service

Chandigarh, December 20

Days after city leaders from the BJP and Congress challenged each other for a debate, they shared the stage today, criticizing each other on various civic issues ahead of the Dec. 24 poll.

They clashed at an RWA interaction event hosted by the Federation of Sector Welfare Associations Chandigarh (FOSWAC). With them, the animator of the AAP was also present.

Subhash Chawla, the city’s congressman, who is considering a return to the MC, said people should first ask a political party for a ballot to see if they have kept their promises. He claimed the BJP broke 25 promises made in the 2016 manifesto before the MC elections.

“We wanted to keep this election positive, but the BJP tore up the indictment (at a press conference) prepared by us highlighting its failures. You (the voters) rejected us five years ago, now the ruling party should explain why it failed rather than blame Congress, ”he said.

The mayor has twice sought to find out “why taxes are imposed on the public.” We pay taxes, but do we get our share? According to RTI information, in 2019-2020 there was a revenue perception of Rs4,000 crore, according to which the MC should have obtained Rs1,200 crore. If we get this amount, Chandigarh will become a Paris. The BJP did not provide the required funds. He says he increased the MC’s income; What’s the problem? This was done by imposing taxes. Resources should also have improved.

The top congressional leader criticized the BJP for garbage collection and smart parking lots. “We don’t know if the 24/7 water supply came or not, but we do know that residents were burdened with a loan of Rs 550 crore taken out from a French company. They should have held a referendum to find out whether the public needs 24/7 at this price, ”he said.

City BJP chairman Arun Sood confronted Congress leader while highlighting his party’s “accomplishments” and claimed they had kept 95% of the promises made in the latest manifesto. “We published a 28 page booklet detailing what we did in the MC. However, where is the 14-year congressional report card. They have nothing to show, I think, ”he said.

On financial sustainability, Sood said, “The grant, which was only Rs276 crore until 2015, has been increased to Rs502 crore in 2021 in our rule. In addition, thanks to the special grant, we obtained additional water for the town of Kajauli hydraulic station. We also obtained a special grant of 102 crore rupees for the development of the village. I challenge Congress if it can prove that it got even a dime more than the grant.

Regarding taxes, Sood replied, “For 14 years Congress ran the MC with a fixed deposit because the subsidy was too low, thus weakening the company. During our time, the generation of funds has increased. Parking charges are a service charge, not a tax. The property tax was initiated by Congress. The Covid cess is used on expenses related to the Covid. There is nothing wrong with paying 5 rupees on beer as cows for Gaumata’s welfare.

He blamed Congress for the landfill problem, alleging that without the tendering process, the job of the waste treatment plant was handed over to Jaypee during the time of former MP Pawan Kumar Bansal. . “It took four years of litigation to open the door for the business and now we will be issuing a tender in January for new technology. Almost 45% of landfill waste has been cleaned up by us, ”he said.

Vineet Singh, a resident of Sector 61, asked Sood, “We are using a PIN code from Mohali. Our home deliveries and packages never arrive on time for this reason. No one heard our plea; the problem must be solved.

AAP manager Prem Garg said: “Through better use, free and well-managed parking lots can be provided. On Delhi lines, MC staff will come to your home for services.

Responding to him, the head of the BJP joked: “Delhi needs the Chandigarh model and not the other way around. Whether it’s air pollution or the plight of people during Covid in Delhi, we know where you stand. Chandigarh is also ahead of Delhi in education.