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The four strategic challenges of 2022, b...

At the start of 2022, four strategic challenges to the post-WWII international order generate psychological ambiguity – that is, simple human fear – which promotes ethnic and sectarian slaughter and sows gender. bloody “proxy” wars that degenerate into major regional wars. Warning to all who care about planet Earth: when major regional wars entangle great […]

neighborhood: best foot forWARD

By Melvin Mathew Groups of citizens to shake up room committees of their inertia and do their work Looks like Neighborhood Committees (WCs) are not yet having the required impact and need extra push from citizens and groups of residents to get started. Citizen groups told the Bangalore Mirror that despite neighborhood committees which are […]

25 micro-zones C in town, 6 in Salt Lake...

Calcutta: Twenty-five city addresses, six in Salt Lake, three in New Town and six in Lake Town were declared micro-containment areas on Monday. On Kolkata’s micro-containment list, with the exception of two slums in Phoolbagan, the others are complexes, a few self-contained apartments, and even hostels inside the Indian Institute of Management, Kolkata.Ten major residential […]

Coimbatore Corporation to complete vacci...

The Coimbatore Corporation, which began immunizing students and young people between the ages of 15 and 18 on Monday, will complete the vaccination within the next eight days, sources said. The Company had identified 65,977 students in the city who could benefit from the COVID-19 vaccination campaign. Students came from 263 schools in the city, […]

After 2021 blockbuster, Gaurav Khanna’s

There is no doubt that the 2021 sports personality in the Indian sports scene, in events with and without a disability, must be the head coach of the Indian para-badminton players, who have ruled the world of para-badminton. with a ruthless grip. , is Gaurav Khanna. Under his tutelage and guidance, not only did we […]

Restrictions go into effect even though ...

Flight restrictions, school closures, nighttime curfews, tips for working from home, restrictions on gatherings and mandatory RT-PCR tests are among many measures announced this weekend in Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata. While people are advised not to panic, experts say the situation is alarming. India, experts say, is following the rest of the world in transmitting […]

covid: 21 addresses should be the city’s

Calcutta: With the Covid infection spreading rapidly in several areas of the city, the Kolkata Municipal Corporation and Calcutta Police are considering micro-containment zones in 21 addresses, up from 11 initially suggested by the Kolkata Department of Health. State. According to a KMC health department official, they were particularly worried about a spike in Covid […]

Conservation activists fight a ‘sympathe

Star Wars actress Daisy Ridley is awakening a new force: Conservation activists fight a ‘sympathetic’ overhaul of the tv star’s £ 1.85million Victorian home with a leaky roof in the north london By Alistair Foster for Sunday Mail Posted: 5:01 p.m. EST, January 1, 2022 | Update: 5:17 p.m. EST, January 1, 2022 As Rey […]

Macon’s retired lawyer Ed Sell III dies

Ed Sell, a retired Macon lawyer and community leader who his colleagues described as a “First Amendment advocate”, “deeply caring” and a “true gentleman of the South”, died on December 30, 2021. He was 80 years old. year. Photo file Edward Sell III, a retired lawyer and civic leader who was an early board member […]

2021 rewilding plans give Britain hope f...

Britain is not what it used to be. Much of this pleasant green land was paved or cultivated within an inch of his life. Rivers and seashores have been polluted. But people are trying to change that through “rewilding” – the return of land and sea to a more natural state – with pastures, golf […]