Aleksandra Kokoszko (centre), owner of the AK Clinic on Tullow Street, Carlow, with Ella Davis, her husband Rafal, Joanna Galazka and Aleksandra’s daughter Nikola

Cancer survivor Klara McDonnell pictured with Aleksandra Kokoszko at the fundraising event

Rafal gives Kath Kozakiewicz her first tattoo at the AK Clinic on Tullow Street in Carlow in aid of the Irish Cancer Society. Photos:

Joanna Galazka applies a manicure to Nuala Herron in AK Clinic

Sylvia Rygielska gets a facial from Ella Davis

By Elizabeth Lee

The tattoo needle buzz was in the air on Tullow Street, Carlow recently when a tattoo parlor, nail salon and beauty salon all teamed up to raise money for the Irish Cancer Society.

Beautician Aleksandra Kokoszko of AK Clinic made people feel like a million bucks with her mini facials at the charity event, while next door, her tattoo artist husband Raf created small designs, some in the form of the Irish Cancer Society logo of a looped ribbon. Their co-worker Joanne has given people brand new shellac nails, all in time for the spooky holiday season.

The trio decided to raise money for the Irish Cancer Society after Raf underwent treatment for a tumour. Luckily, he’s fine now, but he wanted to give something back as a token of appreciation. During their ‘Ink Against Cancer’ charity event, clients paid a fee to do their work and every penny was donated by Alex, Raf and Joanne. They have also received generous sponsorship from their Polish friends at newly opened clothing store Bite of Style in the Carlow Shopping Centre, from their shopping neighbors DNG Auction and Print Mania on Tullow Street.

After raising over €1,500, the trio were delighted with the result and pledged to make it an annual event. Next year they plan to hold the event in aid of the Éist cancer support service in Carlow.

“We want to say thank you to the people of Carlow – they are so incredibly generous. We even went to Tullow Street and made a collection; the people were really brilliant and we really appreciate that,” Alex said.