The program is for new mothers who might be tired, worried or isolated. (Shutterstock – image credit)

A family resource center in the Evangeline region of Prince Edward Island is launching a volunteer program aimed at providing relief to new mothers.

Cap enfants director Rachelle Smith says the program will be inspired by a similar program that has existed in Quebec for decades.

“We don’t have anything like it here on PEI. Why not adapt it to our needs here?” she says.

“There is a lot of interest in the Evangeline region right now. There’s a bit of a baby boom… It’s still in its infancy, but we’re hopeful that this program will be successful.

Submitted by Rachelle Smith

Submitted by Rachelle Smith

“We are very excited”

An organization called Marraine Tendresse has been present in Sherbrooke, Quebec, for 25 years.

Program director Nathalie Desrosiers said it aimed to offer new mothers who might be tired, worried or isolated a bit of help or just someone to talk to.

“Our volunteers visit mothers for three hours a week for a 12-week period,” Desrosiers said.

“We know it’s a hit up there, so we’re very excited to bring it here to PEI.”

Over the past year, Desrosiers said, Marraine Tendresse has helped 132 families through hundreds of volunteers.

Annik Vaillancourt, director of the Evangeline Early Childhood Centre, volunteered with Marraine Tendresse for two years and offered to start a similar program in PEI.

“The experience was very, very great,” Vaillancourt said.

Eye expansion

Smith hasn’t recruited any moms yet but plans to start as soon as she has volunteers lined up. No training or experience is necessary, but volunteers will attend an information session.

Submitted by Annik Vaillancourt.

Submitted by Annik Vaillancourt.

Ms. Smith said her program coordinator in New Brunswick is also interested in the program.

“If it’s a success, we hope to at least launch it in New Brunswick too, to see how far it goes there.

Smith hopes to launch the program in October.