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Prost8 staff including Paul Sayer with late MP Sir David Amess

Prost8 staff including Paul Sayer with late MP Sir David Amess

The campaigner wants a pioneering therapy to be available in all NHS hospitals to provide non-invasive treatment for prostate cancer without the life-altering side effects.

I received high intensity focused ultrasound treatment in 2018 and was amazed by the scalpel-free treatment. Ultrasound beams precisely explode tumor cells, leaving surrounding tissues and organs unharmed. »

—Paul Sayer

ESSEX, UK, September 12, 2022 / — Charity campaigner Paul Sayer, from Southend, has launched a campaign to bring pioneering HIFU therapy to NHS hospitals in all corners of the UK with the aim of providing a non-invasive treatment for prostate cancer that will does not cause life-altering side effects.

The Prost8 was founded by Paul Sayer in 2019 following his own battle with prostate cancer. This has fueled a determination to expand access to better treatment options that prevent them from suffering unnecessary life-altering effects such as erectile dysfunction and incontinence.

Paul received High Intensity Focused Ultrasound treatment in July 2018 and marveled at the scalpel-free treatment which involves ultrasound beams that precisely blast away only tumor cells, leaving surrounding tissues and organs unharmed. He did not suffer any complications as a result.

Although HIFU was endorsed by health chiefs more than a decade ago, only three* of 135 NHS trusts offer it regularly. For Paul, this is not enough.

New evidence emerged this year from an all-party parliamentary group when it released a report on minimally invasive cancer treatments, which supports Paul’s claims that millions of men are overtreated for moderate cases of cancer. Prostate cancer.

In its conclusions, the report states that less than 10% of cancer patients are offered non-invasive treatments.

The late MP Sir David Amess was a patron of Prost8 with his equally passionate successor Anna Firth (MP) due to the loss of his father to prostate cancer just three years ago.

Prost8 is now seeking to lobby the NHS and Department of Health to expand access to these minimally invasive treatments (known as focal therapy). If they don’t, the charity aims to raise around £3million to donate and deploy the first six focal therapy units in strategic hospitals across the UK to enable surgeons in the NHS to offer free treatment to people with prostate cancer, which does not have a drastic impact. on their quality of life.

With nearly one in eight men diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime, Paul Sayer and Prost8 are calling on everyone involved to give all they can to achieve this goal. To put that into perspective, that means 500,000 men are expected to be diagnosed in the next ten years and more than a third of those men would be eligible for focal therapy instead of invasive procedures.

The charity is solely funded by donations and people can donate to support the work of Prost8.

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