An investment of nearly £4.5 million in Yorkshire and the North East has been made by Macmillan Cancer Support to address the issue of too few Macmillan cancer nurses in the region.

The charity warns that too many people in the north of England are unable to access specialist cancer care, with too few Macmillan oncology specialist nurses employed in the region and more than a third of nurses specialists are approaching retirement nationwide.

The charity has therefore announced that it is launching the Macmillan Specialist Oncology Workforce Development Scheme, which includes two specialist oncology nurse development positions at Airedale NHS Foundation Trust.

Macmillan invested over £200,000 to fund the posts. These are nurses interested in entering cancer services who have the experience, the potential and above all the passion to take on this highly specialized role.

Wendy Currie is the Chief Cancer Nurse at Airedale NHS Foundation Trust, she said: ‘I welcome Macmillan’s support because of their approach to cancer care, all of the support the charity offers provides the benchmark level of care for patients, emotionally, financially and physically.

“There is no doubt that Macmillan’s investment in development roles will help ease the pressure on the specialist cancer care we are able to provide to patients by supporting the existing workforce and helping to plan for succession.

“The Macmillan program provides new job holders with the training, time and opportunity to develop, supporting the pursuit of a high standard of care within our oncology nursing services, as well as developing the oncology nursing leadership of the future.”

Heather McLean, Macmillan’s Northern Partnerships Manager, added, “Macmillan’s oncology nurses are at the heart of good cancer care. This unique role makes a huge difference for people with cancer and their families at a very difficult time in their lives. »

Rachel Moser is the Acting Program Manager of the West Yorkshire and Harrogate Cancer Alliance, which hosts the program in partnership with Macmillan, on behalf of the four cancer alliances in the North East and Yorkshire region. She said, “Our patients tell us how much they appreciate their Clinical Nurse Specialists and the care and support they provide.

“I am delighted to lead this program on behalf of the Regional Cancer Alliances, which will help us ensure that we have a pool of qualified people for these crucial roles in the future. »