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FIRST ON FOX: A conservative nonprofit estimated that California has spent more than $500 million on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives, including nearly $50,000 on ‘Racial Equity’ for the State Department of Fish and Wildlife.

The Center for Organizational Research and Education (CORE), a nonprofit consumer advocacy organization, called DEI initiatives the Golden State’s “next billion-dollar industry” in its new report on critical spending based on on race theory in California.

“Diversity, equity and inclusion is becoming California’s newest billion-dollar industry — at taxpayer expense,” CORE principal researcher Will Coggin told Fox News Digital on Monday. “It’s everywhere, from kindergarten classrooms to the Department of Fish and Wildlife.”


“Instead of effectively tackling issues like housing, crime, or homelessness, California officials chose to line the pockets of well-connected diversity consultants,” he continued.

California is estimated to have spent more than $1 billion on diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives, according to the Center for Organizational Research and Education (CORE). CORE submitted nearly 400 public records requests to Governor Gavin Newsom’s administration.
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Fox News Digital exclusively obtained the new report, which writes that “California’s public institutions have seized the opportunity to increase budgets and implement ultra-progressive policies often without public awareness.”

“This analysis summarizes the results of nearly 400 California Public Records Act requests sent to state and local governments, as well as higher education institutions and K-12 school districts,” the report said. . “The findings are unequivocal: expenditures related to DEI and critical race-theory-based activities constitute a large and growing component of taxpayer-funded expenditures at all levels of the California government.”

CORE received a response for almost half of their sun law inquiries, reporting that the Golden State has “spent nearly half a billion dollars on DEI projects alone” from the data received “with a majority of responses encapsulating FY2020 to FY2022”.

“This report provides conservative estimates of DEI-related expenditures and takes into account the proportion of pending document requests,” the report said. “This data indicates that something called ‘diversity, equity and inclusion’ is easily worth $1 billion in spending in the Golden State.”

Several entities in the report spent state tax money on woke initiatives, such as the state Department of Fish and Wildlife, which spent “$49,500 on contracts for trainings and workshops on “Racial Equity” for Employees),” and the California High Speed ​​Rail Authority, which dropped “nearly $29,000 in consultants budgeted for the 2021-22 fiscal year as part of its efforts to form a diversity task force”.

The California Department of Conservation lost nearly $180,000 on DEI initiatives, in fiscal year 2020-21, which “included nearly $88,000 in training focused on critical race theory and racial equity themes from well-connected entrepreneurs within the State of California”.

The Department of Conservation also spent $9,000 on copies of Ibrahim X. Kendi’s foundational critical race theory book, “How to Be an Anti-Racist,” specifically for distribution to personnel, including petroleum engineers and “supervised” and “senior” gas workers in the department. Geological Energy Management Division,” with an email marked as “high priority.”

The California Department of Conservation spent $9,000 on copies of Ibrahim X. Kendi's seminal critical race theory book, How to be Anti-racist.

The California Department of Conservation spent $9,000 on copies of Ibrahim X. Kendi’s seminal critical race theory book, How to be Anti-racist.
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Additionally, the California Department of Water Resources was also another source of DEI spending, spending “more than $414,000 on DEI goals in fiscal years 2020 and 2021.”

“This was part of an $854,000 budget for the department’s Office of Workplace Equality in fiscal year 2020-21, which grew to over $906,000 the following year,” CORE wrote. “Inside this budget was a full-time ‘DEI staff member,’ who earned $163,639 in salary and benefits in fiscal year 2020-21 and $171,747 the following year. The Department has also held various anti-racism training sessions totaling $53,000 over the two-year period.”

The report also found that below the state level, Golden State counties and cities spent a total of “$110 million at the county level and nearly $90 million at the city level. ” of public funds for DEI initiatives.

Government agencies aren’t the only parts of the Golden State that are motivated by DEI initiatives and programs. Schools also participate and employees denigrate parents who push back against the woke ideology.

A California director of equity and inclusion at the Poway Unified School District has blasted parents who disagree with his agenda as ‘resistant’, according to meeting summary notes obtained by Fox News Digital.

The meeting was organized by JEDI – which stands for Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion. According to the group’s president, Casey Doan, it is organized by the Palomar Council PTA in the Poway Unified School District. Additionally, on the group’s website, they claim to work directly with the district.


At a September 13, 2021 meeting, the district’s Director of Equity, Dr. Shawntanet Jara, was asked about its agenda. “What will be your approach to the refusal of parents? »

Dr Jara said, according to the summary of the meeting, “Pullback is nothing new. It’s loud but little… [L]look Org[anization] Theory of change: 20% are resisting, 20% wish they had started 5 years ago, 60% are just floating in the middle. I put my attention on people who were ready to move. There is a price to pay for this. But so be it. I have to sleep at night and I need to know that what I did was in the service of the children. My goal/job is not to change their minds. I am clear on this and ready to articulate this to the resisters. Doesn’t need to be argumentative. It’s just factual. We can disagree and still agree.”

California Governor Gavin Newsom’s office did not immediately respond to Fox News Digital’s request for comment.

Fox News Digital’s Hannah Grossman contributed reporting.