MADISON, Wi. — Local businesses came together to have fun and help their neighbors in The Bur Oak today.

State Line Distillery, The Bur Oak and Young Blood Beer Company hosted “Bur-Oaktoberfest” 2022 during Sunday’s Packers game, raising money for Breast Cancer Recovery, Inc. in Fitchburg.

Oktoberfest-themed games, such as pretzel tossing, dominated the day as the Packers game played in the background. During commercial breaks, they held meat raffles.

“We’re looking to raise approximately $1,000 for Breast Cancer Recovery Inc. today,” said Del Lorenson, a field sales representative for State Line Distillery.

During Breast Cancer Awareness Month, their charity of choice was a no-brainer.

“You have the physical side, but the mental-emotional side, it’s a trying and alarming situation to go through, and what Breast Cancer Recovery, Inc. does is offer these group therapy sessions and wellness clinics. being, as well as all kinds of support so that people who are going through it on a physical level also get help on an emotional level,” Lorenson said.

Despite the Packers’ loss, the event was a success.

“Everything we do starts with the community, so we work with local farmers who source our grain directly, we sell only within the state limits of Wisconsin to local customers, as someone born and raised in Wisconsin working for a local hypercorporate, there are few things that matter more than supporting your neighbors,” Lorenson said.