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Staff Photo Anthony Cafaro Jr., Co-President of Cafaro Company, left, and Jim Boscov, Chairman and CEO of Boscov’s, speak during an event on Wednesday at the new Eastwood Event Center in the Eastwood Mall complex. Boscov’s department store is expected to open in the mall this fall.

NILES – Boscov Department Store, expanding its reach in the Mahoning Valley, is coordinating an event in support of around 225 nonprofits.

“This is about collecting money for the community” said chairman and CEO Jim Boscov on Wednesday. “People will find that we are like this every day – that we believe in being part of the community … it’s not just about selling products.”

At the new Eastwood Event Center in the Eastwood Mall complex, the company released details of a shopping experience in early October that will benefit local nonprofits ahead of the store’s scheduled opening on October 9th.

Two days before the official opening, supporters of various charities in the valley have the opportunity to shop in the store. The event, called Shop for a Cause, will take place on October 7th, 10 am-10pm in the new store on Eastwood Mall on Youngstown Warren Road.

Shop for a Cause benefits the charities as tickets are distributed to the charities that sell for $ 5. They give the ticket holder access to the early shopping experience, and the charity keeps 100 percent of the ticket sales proceeds.

A company press release said the day will be filled with refreshments, entertainment, a free gift, prizes and initial tips on the various opening specials in the store.

On this day, only people with an entry ticket have access to the shop. Passes are sold in advance and at the door; Participants choose a charity that they would like to benefit from.

“We did that at our last openings. This is about actually raising funds for the community. “ said Boskov. The Eastwood event will be the company’s largest to date.

Joe Bell, director of corporate communications for the Cafaro Foundation, said Wednesday the event attracted a variety of charities and nonprofits, including both United Way of Trumbull County and United Way of Youngstown and the Mahoning Valley, various churches, football Booster clubs and women’s clubs and many other organizations.

Bell said that every place Boscov opens a store has a pre-opening event with such a charity day.

“Any charity is allowed to keep the proceeds of all tickets,” he said.

Renee Fuller, Mahoning Valley Development Manager for Second Harvest Food Bank, said, “We are excited to be building a new relationship with a new company in the area. This will be a nice partnership with Boscov’s.

“The nice thing is that all nonprofits, including us, benefit because the money from the tickets stays with the organization.” She continued. “The more donations you can collect and receive for the tickets, it helps each of us. The sky is the limit. “

Some of the participants also receive bonus rewards. Boscov’s gives $ 1,500 to the organization with the most pre-sold passes, the second highest $ 1,000, and the third highest passes $ 500.

“It’s a way to harness the natural curiosity of a new charity store opening.” said Boskov. “There were so many (charities) showing interest and it was amazing. You have a community that works hard to take care of one another and I think it’s realistic that this event will raise a quarter of a million dollars for the community. “

He added it was impressive to see representatives from 200 charities in person and 25 others who joined virtually at the Eastwood Event Center on Wednesday.

“I was really impressed with the number of people. I was impressed by them “, said Boskov. “You have a community of people who really care about one another. I got feedback on the store opening, but also feedback that it’s nice to know that there are companies that are taking care of it. “

Boscov said the store is on track for its official opening on October 9th. The originally planned opening had been postponed by a year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Over time the community will realize that we want to be in the community” said Boskov.

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