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KARACHI: Businessmen Group (BMG) chairman and former Karachi Chamber of Commerce & Industry (KCCI) president Zubair Motiwala said after listening to the problems of Mehran Town’s factory owners rather than leasing 1,401 land in response terminate a fire incident in this area, the government should ensure the implementation of SOPs related to fire in all factories in Mehran Town to avoid such nasty incidents in the future.

“Closing factories by terminating the lease is not a smart move as a fire can break out at any time in any industrial, commercial or residential area, but valuable lives can only be saved if the factories are well equipped with fire extinguishers like fire extinguishers and fire extinguishers proper emergency exits, etc. While the fire brigade must also be made more responsive, ”he said at a meeting with a delegation of industrialists from Mehran Town.

The meeting was also attended by President KCCI Muhammad Idrees, Senior Vice President Abdul Rehman Naqi, Vice President Qazi Zahid Hussain and board members.

BMG Chairman stated that the Karachi Chamber fully supports the request by the Mehran Town factory owners to withdraw notices of termination of leases, as it has always been the Chamber’s main mission to help the business community in need. We will make every effort and knock on every door so that no factory owner in the city of Mehran is wronged, he added.

He said the KCCI was also saddened by the loss of precious life in the Mehran Town fire, but strongly protested the subsequent action by the Karachi Development Authority (KDA), which had raised concerns among factory owners.

In order to amicably resolve this issue, we are offering the platform of KCCI to mediate between the government of Sindh and the factory owners of Mehran Town, who can sit together to find a workable solution in which all of these factories are allowed to operate and the safety of valuable human life is guaranteed. “

He said: “We have to learn from past experiences as it has now been shown that the lockdown was not the solution to combating Covid, but vaccination. Similarly, the deletion of land is not an answer to a factory fire in the city of Mehran either, but the answer lies in the availability of fire protection equipment in the factories.

The government needs to understand that the home industry in Mehran City did not emerge overnight as it has grown over a 30-year period. All those years, they expanded and transformed from home improvement to medium-sized factories that provided jobs for 200,000 workers, which was a pretty good thing for the province, he said.

He praised the Sindh government’s initiative to make Karachis fire trucks available to all industrial districts, and said the availability of fire trucks with the associations has dramatically reduced response times.

In this context, he mentioned in particular that the industrialists of the Site Association have built an underground water tank and accommodation for firefighters and vehicle drivers on their own, which has drastically reduced the reaction time when a fire incident is reported to only three minutes in the site area.

“Mehran Town also needs to have an exclusive fire truck that would certainly help minimize the damage and loss of valuable life in the event of a fire, while the factories in this particular area also include all public facilities and infrastructure including roads, sewers, water supplies. , Gas and electricity supply to expand them and create more employment opportunities.

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