BJP workers stage protest across Tamil Nadu against state government over property tax hike.


On Friday, the BJP staged a protest across Tamil Nadu against the state government’s property tax hike. Chief Minister MK Stalin said his DMK government was forced to revise the property tax to ensure the flow of funds to civic bodies so that newly elected officials could facilitate development activities.

Speaking to NDTV, BJP MP Vanathi Srinivasan said, “On the one hand they are talking about a new model for India and on the other hand they are accepting their failure.” When asked why the BJP is protesting as the union government raises the price of fuel daily, she replied, “The fuel is imported and the price is set according to the international price. Let Tamil Nadu say yes to bring the fuel under GST, the price will come down”.

For Vasan, 62, a resident of Mylapore, an area classified as the core of Chennai, the state government’s decision was a “crushing blow”. His sons had lost their jobs amid the pandemic.

“Our livelihood has been lost for the past two years. Raising the property tax now is a big blow,” said Vasan, who now sees a 75% increase in revenue from his 1,050 square foot property.

However, about 10 lakh residents along Chennai IT Corridor without running water supply and no underground drainage for 11 years are now seeing hope with the latest revision of property tax rates.

“With this proportional increase in taxes, the government has for the first time recognized the difference in infrastructure available in the central areas of Chennai and the newly added areas after 2010,” said Harsha Koda, co-founder of the Federation of Residents’ Associations of the OMR (FOMRRA) mentioned.

About 83% of households in urban areas will see a tax hike of 25-50%. The state government claims that compared to other metros in the country, the proposed tax bracket for Chennai is the lowest. Of the 11.03 lakh houses in the Chennai Corporation area, a 25% increase has been proposed for the 1.52 lakh houses, while the 3.46 lakh and 3.12 lakh houses will see an increase of 50 and 75 lakh. %, respectively.

The new tax slabs will come into force from the first quarter of 2022 – 23.

The state government says the tax review was inevitable because there has been no review for 14 years. Moreover, without elected representatives for a full five-year term, a lot of development work remains backlogged and there are insufficient funds from local bodies to provide the basic infrastructure that people expect.

The government also claims that the union government had also made the tax review mandatory for grants to local bodies.

“The review was not done wholeheartedly. My appeal to all, beyond political affiliations, is to support the government’s decision for the development of local bodies AND the overall growth of the state. There’s no politics in it,” MP Stalin told opposition members. in the assembly.

The announcement of the DMK government comes after having swept the polls of the local body. Lok Sabha elections are only scheduled for 2024.

Under pressure to deliver on its poll promises, including the Rs 3,000 monthly stipend for female heads of household, the ruling DMK is shifting from populism to reforms, putting the public in trouble.

This is the second such statewide protest in two months BY THE BJP.

The BJP, which has a marginal presence in the state, sees this as an opportunity to further expand its footprint in the heartland of the Dravidians. With former IPS officer Annamalai heading the state unit, the national party won four seats in assembly elections last year and further improved its tally in body polls premises with more than 300 councilors on approximately 13,000 seats.

DR In Suryanarayan, a BJP worker is full of hope.

“In 2024 BJP will win at least 10 seats and in 2026 we will take power in Tamil Nadu,” he said.